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IELTS General Test June 2, 2018 - North America (BC + IDP)

Discussion in 'IELTS - International English Language Testing Sys' started by djluvrocks, Jun 1, 2018.

  1. 22.Play more than one musical instrument.
    24.Find difficult pieces enjoyful
    26.Hear others performance.
    28.Challenging(not sure about this though)
  2. Th
    Thank you so much
  3. Two days ago I saw that test results for test taken on May 31 had been released... I wonder if our test results will be released early, too. I have been very nervous this week. It's such a torture to wait for IELTS result...
  4. It will be out 12AM Australian time. That’s is Thursday 2PM Eastern or Toronto Time
  5. I see. So 12 PM mountain time tomorrow. I hope all of us can achieve the band scores that we want. :)
  6. You guys are behind eastern time. So 4pm for u
  7. My Bad, its actually 10AM ET and 12PM MT
  8. Looks like the results are being compiled now. The website is showing the June 2nd date now.
  9. Did any one see the results ?
  10. Getting the 'Not able to display' message for now.
  11. yes i am getting the same as well,..
  12. the result will release tonight . like 12 am ET
  13. Anyone got the results??
  14. Nop still waiting fingers crossed for everybody hopefully we get the right score
  15. do we need to wait till 12 am ??

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