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I need the details

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Rahulsony, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. I am getting an job offer letter from wellesley electronics canada is that job is available or it is a fake job please check it and send me the details
    The job offered details are given below
    Job Profile:- Hardware and Networking Engineer
    Company Name:- wellesley Electronics
    Location:- Canada
    Salary:- 3000 USD
    other allowances:- 500USD
    Total Monthly Salary:- 3500 USD

    Wellesley Electronics
    5492, Imperial ST, Burnaby, BC V5J1A9, Canada
    +1 755-742-5569
    +1 755-742-6549
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    Looks fake given the website domain wellesleyelectronics was only created in April and the telephone area code 755 is for Reno Nevada USA so not even in Canada. Are they offering flights and anything else ? The salary is pretty basic which is unusual in scam job offers.

    The address given is an auto repair shop in Burnaby, you can see this yourself by googling the address 5492 imperial st Burnaby
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  3. As well, the salary offered is in USD, typically unless people are expats from the USA, salaries are in CAD
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    Maybe the company would like to make it's mind up about what it's name is?
    It's a clone of http://www.chongelectronics.com/

    Fake, scam, fake....
    (in fact, they may well both be fakes, as the chongelectronics.com domain is also new and shares nameservers with wellesleyelectronics.com,

    This might be the original for at least some of the cloning.
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  5. My Friend got an Electronics Engineer job offer letter from wellesley Electronics. When i checked the address it an Auto workshop with invalid Postal code. Please its a Fake....
  6. Yes.
  7. I am also got job offer from WELLESLEY ELECTRONICS as a Sales Manager, Even I had telecom Interview.

    Address: 5292, Imperial ST, Burnaby, BC V5J1A9

    NOTE: Thorugh Local Consultancy "hiringforcanada.com"

    Is this Fake??????? Please reply any one
  8. Fake
  9. I got too..! This is fake.! I was mapping that address totally fake address.!
  10. This is fake..! Because that address is not available in Google map. The company name is wellesley electronics that fake company.
  11. Yes correct..!

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