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I need some help with this


Nov 12, 2019
So my case is a little complicated:
So I just got my PR here in Canada, i’m 19 years old (from Albania). In 2017-18 I was an exchange student in Usa and then moved here in Toronto after that year and i’ve been here as a tourist until i got my Pr, which means i didn’t go to school at all for these 2 years cuz i couldn’t pay my school as an international student.
So now i wanna start school, my problem is that i don’t know if my 12th grade there as an exchange student counts here so i can start applying for college. I only got like a certificate attendant from them but i’m not sure if i’m gonna have to do senior high school year again!


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Mar 22, 2016
Cannot answer your specific question but why not in the first instance make direct contact with the college you are thinking of and see what they say as opposed to a forum which can possibly only offer well intended speculation based on limited information. The college will decide entrance criteria based on your individual specific situation.