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I need some advice on how to get admission there

Discussion in 'Education' started by MaddiShah, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Im doing BS(BA) from COMSATS Uni. with 3.16 CGPA at the end of second semester.
    I wanted to ask

    1. Am I eligible for any scholerships in Canada if I want to transfer my degree from here to there and If not then how much CGPA would I need and in which semster can I transfer my degree.

    2. Can I transfer my courses to a university there without any scholerships because I believe one can support himself with part time jobs?
  2. 1. Assume no scholarship will be available. These are generally reserved for domestic student.
    2. You cannot support yourself through a part time job in Canada - you won't make enough money. Also, to be approved for a study permit, you must show that you have at least $25,000 in funds to cover first year tuition and living expenses.
  3. Danm that sucks.. so you mean Its kinda imposible for a middle class guy to touch the canadian soil?
  4. It's certainly possible. If you / your parents are not in a position to fund your studies, then you can look into getting a loan from your home country to cover your studies and expenses in Canada.
  5. Other option is study in your country of origin, work in your home country and then apply for PR. Makes sense that scholarships should go to Canadian students. Many Canadians can’t afford their tuition or have worked very hard to try and lessen the tuition burden on their families.
  6. what about the Canadian Government? Do they give any fund assistance?
  7. Not unless you are a PR or citizen.
  8. No. The funding has to be from your home country.

    As said above, any funding from the Canadian government is reserved for Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

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