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I need a help badly

Nasir Uddin

Oct 8, 2018
Hello Everyone I am a international student I came from Bangladesh I got admitted in Concordia University now I want to discontinue there because of Hugh tuition fees. So I got admission in a college here . So how could I inform my university that I will not continue there one thing I have to mention I didn’t give my tuition fees because I knew I can’t afford this much tuition fees. However I want to know that how could i inform them.

Nasir Uddin

Oct 8, 2018
But I asked some of my advisor he told me that if I don’t pay tuition fees I can’t join Concordia again if I wished to join I have to give all tuition fees with its interest. He did not tell about deportation or something. Are you sure that they will deport?


VIP Member
Dec 3, 2014
No you wont get deported as long as you have another college you have been accepted to it is perfectly legal to switch schools.

You just need to get admission to your new college and withdraw from Concordia, then switch your schools in your myCIC account that is all.


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Jun 18, 2017
You won't get deported but Concordia can go after you for not paying the tuition you owe. I'm not sure how you were allowed to attend classes without paying your tuition upfront. There're rules about when you can withdraw and not pay tuition and that is usually a week or two after classes start.
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May 28, 2018
If you have been attending classes in Concordia then you just can't run away or become absconding. You will need to follow the withdrawal process defined by the University. Approach the admissions department and they will guide you with the procedure. Withdrawing from program is not a crime. But, remember, you just can't run away in this case.

However, if you have not started attending classes then just decline the offer and leave the country.

If you have offer from some other institution then get your DLI changed online and get study permit updated.

If you become absconding from Concordia, then they are gonna report it to CIC. These days they have much sophisticated software applications than yesteryears. Academic institutions can report any thing ranging from your attendance to your grades and what not. If this gets flagged, as some indiscipline incident, in any manner at any level in CIC database then you will have problem in PGWP, PR and any other form of future visas.

Assuming you started program in Fall 2018, I would suggest in worst case, pay one semester/term fees and withdraw from program in legal manner. Paying off few thousands dollars today can go long way in building your future. Money you can always earn back in future but if you get blacklisted in their database then there is no point of return.

Good luck !