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I applied for my Canadian visa but it has been rejected. The purpose of my going is for college.

Discussion in 'Education' started by TheHighChief, Jan 1, 2020.

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    The reasons they gave me for rejecting my application are due to them not being satisfied with the purpose of my visit, travel history, personal assets and financial status and family ties in Canada and my country of residents, even though I have made plans to stay with a relative in Canada, both my parents being residents of the United Arab Emirates and the sole reason for my going to Canada being to further my education. I've already been accepted by the Great Lakes College of Toronto as well as also paying half of my fees and the balance to be paid once I resume on the 17th of January and I have currently sent them an email asking them how they could help me, regarding this situation. What new document or information (specifically) must I add in order for my reapplication to be accepted. Do I write a letter of purpose? And if so, what should the letter contain? And what I want to study is available in Canada and not in the United Arab Emirates, hence why I want to study in Canada.
  2. Visa officer deemed that you're using a cover of studying to stay in Canada and will not leave at the end of your stay.
  3. Are you going for high school?
  4. I have a similar
  5. So what should I do?
  6. What should I do then? (Specifically)
  7. You don't need to do anything. Your application is closed
    • Good evening my name is dami I am 19 yrs old I finished for high school in 2017 so I have a study gap of 2yrs I applied for a study visa the first time in June 2019 with Carleton University and was denied for lack of funds and due to ignorance so I decided to apply to University of manitoba for fall 2020 admission and was admitted to the university 1 program now have gathered all my supporting documents with 9million naira for fees and living costs and all and I want to do an online application and I can't pay my fees till I register for my courses in July 2020 to know the estimate of my fees and I want to apply in Jan 2020 please someone help me how do I go about it and is the money enough cause my dad is sponsoring me and he has like a lot of lands which am gonna include and also can I state to a visa officer that I had a 2yrs gap because I was processing schools,and what are my chances of a second application with a different school

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