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I am refuge seeker in Egypt

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Abdikarim, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. It all depends on your family's ability to raise the funds necessary to sponsor 2 people with a group of 5 people and get one of the private sponsorship application spots. Your sister likely doesn't have the income required to qualify as one of the sponsors yet.
  2. How much does the sponsor should have to fund or income minimumly to do process for some one.
    If any...
  3. Not sure the exact amounts but over $15,000. To qualify as one of the sponsors you have to show you are able to financially afford to pay into the pool of money needed to qualify for the group of 5 submission.
  4. Is that Approximate amount sum of Group 5( usd 15,000)or for single of them.(15,000 x 5)?
  5. About $15000 from ALL the five sponsors.
  6. Your family just sponsored your sister so they should be aware about what kind of money they had to put into an account reserved for paying your sister's expenses for the year.
  7. Can my friend sponser me ?
    Is there specific period to sponsor two times?or it's depends on his/her income can sponsor every Year.
  8. They would need a group of 5 people who would apply through the government and put up funds to support you for a year. The government would determine if they think the group are capable of sponsoring. Yes people have to be financially comfortable enough that they have the extra money to sponsor.
  9. Inquiry

    Brothers & Sisters

    Can any body advise me how Could somebody help me to get to Canada as i am now in refuges and got yellow card from UNHCR, for your information i have my brother there in canada .

    How Many ways of sponsering are there ?

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