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I am refuge seeker in Egypt

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Abdikarim, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. My names abdikarim i am from Somali during wars and now I am living Egypt,
    Some my relative living in Canada .
    Please How I can being there because here I Am living Bad situation such as
    Lack of education and lack of shelter and other trouble things.
  2. You can either apply for a TRV and come to Canada and claim asylum/refugee status or you need to register with the UNHCR as a refugee and wait to be placed by the UNHCR or be chosen by a sponsoring organization (Church, etc)
  4. Private sponsorship after being recognized by the UNHCR is 65 months
    Government sponsorship (provided you are chosen by Canada) and after being recognized by the UNHCR is 17 months
    Claiming in Canada is currently 27 months
  5. UNHCR already recognized as a refuge and gave me blue card { it means my last card} but fortunately my some relative living now Canada how can i explain this case
  6. Doesn't matter if you have relatives. UNHCR will submit your application to several countries willing to accept refugees and they will decide if they are going to accept you. It may not be Canada. Having relatives may help, but there is no guarantee you will be settled in Canada.
  7. Your relatives couldtake the initiative now, and see if they can arrange a private sponsorship for you. As mentioned, this can take a long time and will involve lots of effort from your relatives in Canada.
    See here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/refugees/help-outside-canada/private-sponsorship-program.html
  8. which easiest process because i havr bad situation in Egypt
  9. There is no easy/quick process. Did you contact your relatives in Canada to see if they will even help you by researching private refugee sponsorship?

    If not, then you need to wait entirely on UNHCR to match you up with a safe country (may not be Canada).
  10. in this year at what time sponsorship open
  11. I have sponsors (Relatives) in Canada, can they apply for me as I'm having yellow refugee card in Cairo, Does Sponsoring Require Blue UNHCR Card.(Refugee).Please advise .
  12. If your family members can find four other people willing to agree to be your financial sponsors and if they can show they have enough money, they can sponsor you through the Group of 5 Sponsorship program:


    I can't answer your question about the yellow vs. blue cards.
  13. After i got confirmation on my request can I add my husband and take him with me to Canada if he is refugee.
  14. Yes - you can include your husband in the application.
  15. Inquiry
    My brother living in Canada since 2015,he sponsor my sister with Group 5 and arrived four months ago to Canada.
    Can my sister sponsor me?

    How much does the lawyers cost to followup The processing In Canada? If there is apporximate number.

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