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Humber or Seneca is best for International Business or supply chain management.

Discussion in 'Education' started by kingsaab!, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Please help me choosing a best college for Graduate certificate program either in International Business management or supply chain Management.
    I'm very confused please help me out.
  2. Hi, I did extensive research for SCM @ Humber and Seneca. Both are quite similar, Humber has more prospects about SCm operation and Seneca has more global prospects. In the end, I have taken admission in Seneca.
  3. but as per student reviews i heard that its easy to get into Seneca but its difficult to get out.
    They often tend o fail students it seems. Is it true??
  4. am also interested....tot of applying at humber
  5. According to my suggestion dun go in any of these colleges try to get addmission in any public univ. Visa approval chances are few in these colgs. Furthermore rules has been changed its difficult to get PR if you study from these colgs. Rest your choice. Good Luck
  6. Hello All,

    I want to do Post graduate degree from Canada. I have 3 years of Work experience in India after my B.Tech and have applied for PR which I am expecting to get by the end of this year or January.I know that I can get admission through GMAT but i just wanted to know if there is any other way for the PR to get admission to the colleges.means can i apply directly to the colleges being a PR or GMAT the only way?? I am very much confused n afraid !! What if i do not get good score in GMAT?? and i can not afford to loose one year waiting for next year admissions..Please please help me Sad Also, is it essential to give IELTS or just GMAT Score will work??? Very much confused , need guidance !!!

    Please help !!!!!
  7. My name is dharmesh. I have work experience of 2 yrs and want to apply for pg in supply chain management programme.
    is it good should i go with pg or should i go with masters. Financially i m not good i have been advice by the consultnacy to go with pg as it is cheap and most people go for pg.

    please advice me on and also have query about the placement do any college provide the placement and if not what are the chances to get get job after completing pg.

    thanx in advance for your reply.
  8. Hi I'm looking for the same option in supply chain. What option did you choose for study ? PG OR MASTERS !!!

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