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humanitarian and compassionate application-stage 1

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Designated baba, May 26, 2018.

  1. To be very honest depends how many family members you are?
    according to number of people you should file your tax. Don't stop talk refernce letters , normaly doesn't talk that long
  2. Not yet, have u done yours?

  3. Yes I applied August 2018, received medical April in 2019 & in processing.
    Income Around 60k.
    Voluntary work.
    Still waiting for AIP. How many family members you are? File tax accordingly.
  4. 2 family members for me . Did they call you for interview?
  5. Are you in Canada at the moment?
  6. I am in Ontario
    Interview only called you before giving PR.
  7. Do you have a number I can reach u with. I live in Alberta
  8. Well I don't know on this website we are allowed to exchange numbers.
    But I can give you my email 4tif@live.co.uk
  9. I applied mine august 2018. Still application received. I applied for best interest of the child. Have stepchildresn backhome.
  10. Are in Ontario?
    Didn't get medical?
  11. We are here in alberta.. Didnt recieved anything except for AOR. after all no update..still application received.
  12. Hi.
    Kindly guide me atleast about how I can apply for PR status on humanitarian grounds. As I was given departure orders because of violation of PR residency obligations. And now I have received a negative decision in appeal. My family sponsorship application is pending.
    Please guide me what should I do now except federal court appeal.
    I need urgent advice. Please

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