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Huge CIC Delay on permit extension HELP

Discussion in 'International Students' started by barroso26jonathan, May 29, 2018.

  1. Guys,

    I applied online for a study permit extension on April 11, 2018 from inside Canada (precisely 48 days ago). I called CIC multiple times and send webform and still nothing.
    One of the times I called the call centre, the agent said that my application was on the Vegreville(AB) office, that is closing soon. I am starting to think this guys might have lost my application.
    The processing times displayed on the website are of 34 days and "working on applications received on April 14".
    That means that my application should have been processed already.
    Does anyone know what else can I do? I am really desperate, please help!
    PS: I finished my course, this is just a bridge extension so I can apply for PGWP, if this takes too long I might lose my job offer.

    Help please!
  2. Processing times are statistical averages they are not guarantees.
    I don't see the problem here, if you finished course you should be able to apply for PGWP, what are you waiting for? Also if you applied for an extension then you are allowed to stay in Canada as long as they are processing your extension.
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  3. Really, but there has been more than 1.5 times what they display on the website, how is that accurate? Really there is nothing anyone can do once it gets way past this average? That's quite irresponsible from their behalf.
    The problem is that the company I've got the job offer from requires me to have the work permit in hand before starting. So I will need to go to the border to apply there, in this case I need my permit valid. If I would apply through CIC again, it would take 2 months or god knows how long.
    I already had to bump my job's start date twice, because I trusted their processing times.
    Thank you for your reply.
  4. Its an accurate average, most schools I have seen recommend that you start renewing 90 days before the permit expires.

    So it is already expired? yeah than its a tough spot, only option I see is explaining to employer that you are authorized to work once you have applied for PGWP but if its expired already don't think you can even apply now.
  5. No, sorry I think I messed up on the explanation. Actually I had a valid study permit until the 30th of April and by applying to renew it on April 11th I have implied status of student at the moment.
    So now I am waiting on the permit I applied to on April 11th, just so I can go ahead and apply for the PGWP. The thing is that I am being really pressured, because my job offer starts soon and to start it I have to have my PGWP in hands.
    Thank you for the reply.
  6. Yeah I got you, don't think there is much that can be done other than wait at this point and keep trying to contact them. Maybe an immigration lawyer might have contacts.
  7. I contacted my local MP, someone at his office contacted a liaison agent inside IRCC. The agent said that until May 28 the application was still within the processing times (what?!), but now they are aware that it needs completion (!? really).
    Well, that was unexpected, I though the processing times started to count from as soon as you receive the "transmitted" notification. In this case it was received on April 11 as well, so I just trusted it would come 35 days later.

    Fingers crossed now to get it before 60 days (49 today).
  8. HI! Please let me know if there's any update on your study permit extension! I applied on April 18 but am still waiting for approval. I've been checking everyday, it's making me nervous. :(
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  9. Hello guys
    I applied my study permit extension application on April 23 2018, still I am waiting for approval. I got a message in my online account that my application transferred to Edmonton local office cic. My study permit is already expired on May 31 2018. And today when I called CIC they told me I have to wait for 5 months.My other two friends applied on May 15 thru got approved 2 days back.
  10. Hi Shenia, That's highly unfortunate. Did they say the reason why your application was transferred? Did you apply online?
  11. I applied online. They didn’t mentioned any reason

  12. Did ur application got approved
  13. I applied on April 19, and it got approved on Jun 19. Good luck to your application!

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