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HR Professionals In Canada



Mar 31, 2018
where human resources jobs in canada are headed in 2018
We're seeing an increased demand for HR professionals with knowledge of succession planning. As Millennials and Gen Z surge into the Canadian workforce, they need to be taught the skills to replace retiring Boomers. Half of the Boomer generation is already over 65, and the rest aren't far behind. HR professionals with the skills to develop younger workers and prepare them to take over vacated senior and management roles are in high demand. Another big trend is being able to adapt to flexible workplaces. The days of strictly enforced 9 to 5s are waning. New work habits emerging, like a rise in contract, temp and freelance work, working from home, and shared workspaces. To be effective, HR professionals must adapt and meet the shifting needs of these workers.
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growth in HR jobs in 2018
There are currently over 130,000 human resources professionals in Canada. There was an increase of 3,925 jobs in HR in the past year, indicating healthy growth. Almost one-third of the new jobs are in Toronto. Edmonton and Quebec City also showed strong growth. That said, wherever there are people to be managed, human resources professionals are needed. With the right skill set, you should find human resources opportunities from coast to coast.


Jul 28, 2018
Hi Guys, I have initiated PR process for Canada & expected to receive my PR by end of 2018. Looking for HR opportunities meanwhile & trying to understand how to find a job once I get PR. I am a HR professional with 4+ years of experience in retail & healthcare sector. Currently working for a healthcare company in Dubai. Can I request you to add me in the group as well..? would be a great help..


Aug 15, 2018
Helll folks,

pl add me to the group too

I have queries regarding CHRP designation to apply for certain level of jobs in Canada.