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How to sponsor my Filipina girlfriend

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by coolshyguy, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. So, I am looking at going to the Philippines to marry my long time girlfriend but before i do that i understand there is a process that should be done before you go. I am very unclear of what the actual process is and the steps i should take. I am a natural born Canadian.

    Now there are some other questions i would like to ask as well;

    What are the qualifications required to sponsor your wife?

    Does your credit score effect the sponsorship ?

    If i have a criminal record does this effect the application?

    How long after you get married and all the papers are in place does it take to process them and get her here? (estimated time).

    What is going to be required on her end as well?

    I am looking to go to the phils in August so i would like to get everything in order prior to me going there, so any help and advise would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/sponsor/spouse-apply-who.asp



    check out these pages and you should find answers to most of your questions...
  3. Not much, really. You have to promise to sponsor her financially for three years, but there is no real income or job requirement. You cannot be on welfare, you cannot be an undischarged bankrupt.
    No. I doubt the government even looks at it. You don't mention it anywhere on the application.
    Depends on what you were convicted of. If you were convicted of sexual assault, you can't sponsor. If you were convicted of a violent assault against a relative, you can't sponsor. Serious convictions that resulted - or could have - in a 10-year prison term may make you ineligible to sponsor. Other kinds of convictions don't matter.
    It takes an average of 41 days to process the sponsor's app in Mississauga; then Mississauga sends the sponsor and applicant's application to Manila, where it will be processed in an average of 9 months.
    Both of you should start now gathering evidence that your relationship is genuine. That is usually the bulk of the application. Since you havn't even gotten married yet, you have the opportunity to manage your evidence: get a phone plan that provides a bill showing the numbers you called (even though cards are cheaper), use Skype or instant messaging and keep a record of it, send emails/love letters/birthday cards/gifts; document the preparations for you wedding well, have a big wedding with as much family as possible, have a real honeymoon. Get lots of photos. Make sure you both develop a relationship with the other's family (if possible).
    She will have to have a medical done by a Designated Medical Practicioner. She will also have to get police checks from her home country and any other country where she has stayed for 6 months or longer.
    Just keep a good record of all contact you have with one another.

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