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How To Get Resettled in Canada as a refugee ?


Jun 26, 2019
Hello everyone who reads this, I hope you have a wonderful day

We are a family of 4 people living in Egypt,we are Iraqis, we are Refugees, we have been recognized as refugees by the United Nations (unhcr), we have The blue cards that are given to those who are admitted as refugees by the unhcr

My question is, How Do i Get resettled in Canada? , What requests should I fill out, where can I send them?
I have read about who is eligible to apply, we have fled Iraq because of
Persecution because of our religion, the deteriorating situation in the country, and terrorist threats.
I have read about the private sponsorship of refugees program- sponsorship agreement holders , but I do not know what how to start or what to do, please help me tell me what to do.

thank you for taking the time to read .


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May 24, 2016
London Ontario Canada
Hi there mohannad559, the first thing to read is the Canadian Government page on refugees and asylum:

Now as far as I know, if you are in the UNHCR's program they have the right to resettle you anywhere. I have never heard of a means by which this can be controlled. If you could get a TRV for travel to Canada...almost impossible, you could be accepted at a Canadian port of entry.


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Jun 18, 2017
UNHCR decides who will be resettled and also suggests people to countries based on what type of refugees the country want. Resettlement can take decades and the spots available for resettlement are very small versus the demand so chances are you won’t be resettled.

Finding a group to sponsor you privately is very difficult especially if you don’t have a friend or family member advocating for you in Canada. You can try to contact various organizations to see if a group is willing to sponsor you but it will likely be very difficult.

Sorry wish I had a better news. As previous noted you could try for a TRV but you are unlikely to get one as a refugee.