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How to get multiple visa?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Jah Amores, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Hi. So recently I applied for a tourist visa and got approved. It was a single entry visa in a span of 6 months (august 2018 to january 2019) i flied aug 2-13 (11 days only) and had to go back bc of my studies, and i just knew That my xmas vacation will last for a month, i was so sad I actually wanted to stay longer, and now my question is, can I reapply for visa again if my single entry visa (already used) is still valid? And how can I apply for multiple entry visa (I am a student in the Philippines rn)
    Side question: Will it be easier to apply this time? Now that I have flied to Canada once and had my passport stamped? Thanks. For the response!!
  2. The validity date of the visa does not indicate how long you are allowed to visit Canada. It indicates the dates which you are allowed to enter Canada - so that means you can enter Canada as a visitor until January 2019. How long you are allowed to stay in Canada is determined by the CBSA officer at the border. Most visitors are given six months - but some are only allowed in for a fixed period of time.

    If you wish to obtain a multiple entry visa, then you would have to reapply for a TRV from scratch. I would recommend that you travel on your single entry visa and then apply for a multiple entry after you have returned home from your first trip.

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