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How to get LMO


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Apr 10, 2013
scylla said:
To get an approved LMO, PWC has to prove they advertised the job and were unable to find a Canadian to hire for the role. This is difficult to prove since there are many Canadians with the required qualifications. This is why consultant companies and banks are typically unwilling to apply for LMOs - they know they are going to be refused.
In my situation, the company had advertised the job and I got the job as I had a workpermit based on my spouse study permit. But now my spouse needs to give up his studies. So, I need to get LMO to get a new work permit. I think my company will help me for LMO but I am already working in company as a software engineer for now 8 months. Due you think my company still should be able to file for a LMO? Please help!