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How to earn points for LMIA under PGWP

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by microbio1, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just want to ask if how can I earn LMIA points under PGWP. Currently I have 420 points under CEC. Already tried IELTS twice but still not on my luck on one of the category or another. Like on my first attenpt I got L:7, S: 7, W:6, R:5.5, second attempt: R: 8, L:6, W:7 Speaking 5.5. I am so worried right now and feel loosing hope. Anyone cana advise or other immigration program to consider please help me. Thank you in advance.
  2. You need LMIA to get points for a valid job offer.
  3. Hi,

    I do have a valid job offer from my company and been working with them for 8 hours. But my work permit is under PGWP and according to cic PGWP IS EXEMPTED FOR LMIA. But can I apply seperately?
  4. That is not a valid job offer.

    In order to claim points for a valid job offer with a LMIA exempt work permit you must work for the company for a year on a full-time basis (or the equivalent in part-time) AND you must have an employer specific work permit (closed work permit).

    You have an open work permit and thus, not eligible for those points unless you obtain LMIA.
  5. Yeah I understand that and already have one year experience so I already entered my profile to express entry. But I want to earn point for Job Offer. My question is can I apply to service canada for LMIA?
  6. If you already have a work permit, it does not make sense to get an LMIA, because you already have a work permit. Also, you cannot apply for an LMIA, your employer needs to do this, as a company. The problem with LMIAs is that, they cost a little bit more than $1,000, and they can take up to 6 months. Also, there is no guarantee that the LMIA will be successful. Short answer to your question, it is not a smart thing to do. If you want to earn extra points, validating your bachelor degree or any degree in Canada will give you between 100 and 200 points, depending on the level of your degree. If you use WES, it takes about 8 days from the moment they receive all the documentation to validate your degree. Once this is done, they upload the results directly to your express entry profile, this will increase your points and guarantee an ITA in the next round. Be aware that, in order to validate your school degree, all the documentation has to be sent to WES by the educational institution where you obtained the degree. They will not validate it if it comes from you. It sounds like a hassle but it is perhaps a better way to go.
  7. Hi,

    I already have my WES evaluation, canadian diploma etc which I gained total of 420 points. Which is not enough for me to receive ITA because current draw is on 433. I already take IELTS Like on my first attempt I got L:7, S: 7, W:6, R:5.5, second attempt: R: 8, L:6, W:7 Speaking 5.5.
  8. Best for you is get atleast 6 in each band. You will have enough CRS point. You are loosing atleast 30 CRS points due to 5.5 in one band. Try again IELTS.
  9. Yeah you are right, cannot afford to waste again another $300. If I did the second time but problem is I got low on speaking and same 5.5 the rest were okay. I dont know what to do know so stress right now
  10. If you are in Canada, consider taking the CELPIP instead. Some people find one test easier than the other.
  11. Yeah wi
    Yeah will consider that one if I fail this recent test
  12. Hi i am in PGWP and my employer received positive LMIA for my job offer to support my PR. Is that eligible to get 50 additional points or PGWP holders couldn’t receive job offer points?

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