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How to apply for a visa in CAN+ program?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Neha1528, May 23, 2018.

  1. Hi Team,

    Is there a different channel through which we apply for a visitor visa under the CAN+ entry program? Here is the situation:

    I have to submit a visa for Canada as soon as possible. The possible wait time online from India shows 20-25 days excluding transit days. I have another travel planned mid-month June - would need my passport by then.

    I have a 10 yeards USA valid visa and have traveled twice in last 10 years as well. So was thinking to apply for CAN visa earlier than that so that I get the passport back within a weeks time.

    Is it possible? Should I take this risk and submit my application by tomorrow?
  2. Put the request in your cover letter to process it under CAN+ program, though decision is in Embassy's hand. Also if you are planning to apply paper based, then ask VFS guys to attach form for CAN+.
  3. Great thank you. So in any case - let's say I do not hear anything from the embassy within 10-14 days time after submitting - can I contact VFS and request for the passport interim so that I do not miss my upcoming travel?
  4. Its better to apply online where you have to submit passport on request once decision is made on your application .. and yes you can make it stamp in any country but you have to check ad inform relevent office
  5. will passport not be required to submit if I apply online? I think they say that one is required to submit the documents along with the passport at VFS? Can you send me a link that I may use to file my application online?
  6. If one apply online we only need to upload form passport copies and support docs .. passport will be submitted once they approve ur application
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    There's no guarantee your application will be processed under CAN+ even if you request it. Considering the high volume of applications currently, processing time of one week might seem somewhat unrealistic.

    It's best to apply online as suggested. You can request for CAN+ processing even with your online app
  8. when i apply online there are many documents to upload it, should i upload all the documents? how they process my application under can+ visa?

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