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How rent agreement works in visa application for strong home ties

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Manjot4u, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. I want to know about rent agreemnt value in visa process
    How it works ?
    Which types of rent agreement makes more strong home ties in visa application ?
    Whicm makes more string ties long term / short term rent agreement or yearly renewle agreement

    Thank you
  2. 1. Have you rented a property that you legally own? Not a property owned by a family member.

    2. Is the rent agreement registered with the government authorities? Stamp duty/registration fees paid?
  3. 1. I am doing farming on rented agriculture land bcz i own small piece of land near about (3 acres only ) but doung farming on taking land on rent
    2. Yes rent agreement is on stamp paper
  4. I seriously suggest you apply after a couple of years when all these ties are more established. Currently, your 'ties' are all-too-freshly-minted
  5. Hi Bryanna... I got refusal for visit visa on 27/07/18. I am single male from India.My reason for applying was that i have Approval letter from ITA(Industrial training authority) from BC. I booked an exam and supposed to appear in that. I have 16k cad in my savings account from last 4months. I want to book my exam again. I would be very greateful to have your thought on it. What u feel should i wait or is it ok to book again....I seriously appreciate your valueable words...plz ask me if u want to know any other info....
  6. Regardless of the refusal reasons stated in the refusal letter, you were refused because you indicated your intentions to stay long-term vis-à-vis the exams. It's a sort of a catch-22 situation.

    I would recommend waiting for some months. Do not book the exam again. You could then apply for a regular visit, for sightseeing, to meet family/friends et al. Hopefully you have an immediate/close family member who can invite you + you have travel history to other visa-required countries (US, UK, Schengen, Australia, NZ, etc)

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