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how many days do GIC take...

Discussion in 'International Students' started by charanjitSingh, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. hi is i do GIc in november is it possible to get through for the january 2014 intake :eek: Thanks in advance
  2. Please see the guidelines for cut off dates for your wire transfer below for each session intake.

    Intake Period Wire Transfer Deadline
    last date that funds may be
    received and processed for
    intake period)

    Summer 2013
    (April/May) March 22, 2013

    Fall 2013
    (August/September) July 26, 2013

    Winter 2013-2014
    (December/January) November 22, 2013

    If you can make it before Nov,22 then good luck :)
  3. Hi..

    My gic opened in 3 working days..
    The gic came in 8 days of wire transfer..

    But i have heard it varies.. Just follow the instructions carefully..
    All d best..
  4. Even if you miss on GIC transfer dates, you can apply for VISA under General category without GIC.
  5. is there a chance that if i have selected a college which comes under SPP and apply under general....will visa get rejected.....i have already applied for Selkirk college BC canada and waiting for there LOA it is expected to come inthe first week of november...will that be sufficien tme for mwe to go for GIc as i have heared lot of documentation is reqquired if we apply for General....

    please help
  6. SPP Category:
    1. Faster processing time.
    2. Less documentation.
    3. Only applicable to SPP participating institutions.

    General category:
    1. Current processing time at CHC Delhi & Chandigarh is 2 weeks as per CIC.
    2. More documents are required as compared to SPP, these documents can be related to your professional/academic/financial standings or others as well.
    3. All SPP and non-SPP are included.

    If you think you can get a visa under SPP but can't apply due to time restrictions, then you must be able to get under general as well.
    Applying under General category is no rocket science, its just that you may have to put some extra efforts to organize things.

    You will have enough time to apply for GIC if you receive acceptance by Nov. 1st week.
  7. thank you so much for the useful information

    i am more comfident now...

    let see what next.....

    thanks friday.h

    one more request si SOP....if you can help
  8. You are welcome charanjitsingh!

    For SOP go through this post:


    You can hire a professional to write a SOP for you if you think you can't express it properly in words, but be sure to share exactly what's in your mind with the person whom you hire as SOP is all about what "you" want to do.
  9. where will i get such person who can write SOp for me...actually there is no problem in writing SOP For me but just want to have an strong idea about home ties and how to convience the Visa officer if i can get a strong about this iwill be able to express it in my own words...

    i have applied for PG in business and Tourism Management

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