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How long will CIC take to return my passport?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by joash9292, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Does anyone knows how soon they send your passports after i
    Did your return envelope tracking got activated today??? Since when did they had your passport? I am in Winnipeg so am inland
  2. Not yet. I am also inland, from Montreal.
  3. Damn...has your application been approved as yet? Mine is saying Application completed and approved as at June 14th.
  4. Any update?
  5. No activity on Canada Post tracking number. I am unable to check my account as I filed through a lawyer.
  6. So I just spoke with CIC. They confirmed that our visas has been stamped in our passports and our COPR has been generated. They also mentioned that the office has 2 weeks from when they recieved your passports to have application completed and send back your passports..if 2 wks has passed you can call in and they will open an investigation to confirm why there is a delay. Hope this help. They just need to dispatch my passports.
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  7. Thank you. That is very helpful. Can you provide the number that you called?
  8. 1-888-242-2100...be prepare for long wait times
  9. Thanks. I talked to an agent after he called me back. He said that there are delays and they printed out (whatever that means) only on 14th June and asked me to call back end of next week if I have not yet received my passport. At that time they will ask the agent to rush my case. Not very helpful in this case.
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  10. Are they saying your Visa was stamped in your passport on June 14th and your confirmation of permanent residency was completed..so is just send back your passport??
  11. No they did not. Just mentioned about "printing" on 14th June -- whatever that means. My application was sent on paper, so what are they writing actually. It seems you should receive your passport back by end of this week!
  12. Did you apply through Express Entry? I applied through QSW
  13. I did provincial nominee for Manitoba
  14. Good morning Guys..I am stressed beyond stress right now. My brother was murdered in Jamaica last night and my sister is currently 8mths pregnant. I am the eldest sibling so I have to go home to sort out this situation. I need to leave ASAP but no passports. I sent the web form, it is saying I won't have a response until 5 days time. I email
    CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca..no response. I called again this morning they advised me they don't know what is the delay as my passports should have been sent back to me already as there is nothing more to be done to my file...I am so stressed..my mother died in a car accident in 2007..it's 4 sibling of us. I am here, my brother after me is in England and my 2 youngest siblings were back home. They murdered the youngest yesterday..he was just 25.

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