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How long should i stay out of Canada after doing my first landing?

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by elagumbay, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. We just completed our (together with my children) landing process last May 26, 2017.
    I am staying here in Ottawa until July 5, 2017 because i still need to go back home to complete
    some unfinished business and continue working with my current employer in my home country for at least a year and fulfill the required years before I could avail of early retirement.
    My wife (principal applicant) told me that I am not allowed to stay in our home country for more than a year otherwise my PR would be revoked and I can no longer enter Canada as permanent resident.

    1. Is this true? I could not find any information or policies from CIC or IRCC website.
    (It only states that I should be physically present in Canada for 730 days within the 5 year period
    to comply with residency obligation and renew my PR.)
    2.How long should I stay out from Canada and safely return to Canada without any problem with immigration?

    Need your help.
    Thank you.
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    You need to accumulate 2 years residence in Canada out of the 5 years from when you first landed. Based on your dates another 690 days in the first 5 years given day landing and day leaving count as days in Canada so you will have 40 days credit by July 5.

    So in theory someone could land leave the next day, stay away for couple days short of 3 years, but then when they return they must stay for 2 years without ever leaving the country in those 2 years to meet the residency obligation of 2 out of 5 .

    You need to make sure you have your PR card to hand to enable travelling back to Canada else you will need to go through hassle of getting a PRTD. No PR card or no PRTD then no boarding a .plane for a flight back.
  3. Bs65,
    thank you so much for your prompt reply.
    btw, a lot of friends here in Ottawa told me and advised not to stay longer in our home country for more than six (6) months
    because they know some families who run into problem (revoked PR).
    one scenario, they gave me, is that a husband who is a seaman or captain of international vessel and did not able to return to Ottawa on time.
    based on the narration, he stayed out from Canada for ten (10) months because of the nature of his job (his ships keeps on sailing to different countries to deliver goods).
    these stories really confuses me because I really like to stay Canada for good once I'm done with my unfinished business back home.
  4. As @Bs65 said, you can come and go as you please. The only rule is that you can lose your PR if you are outside Canada for more than 3 years. Theoretically, you could land, leave the same day, and not return for 2 years 364 days, and still maintain your PR (assuming you never left Canada for the next 2 years). If you are within 3 years of your PR card expiring, then you might receive more scrutiny at the border if you have been out of Canada for the last 2 years. Don't listen to these other silly stories about which you don't know the facts of the case.
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    The most important thing when outside of Canada is to ensure you have your PR card to hand so you can travel on a plane back to the country. Otherwise you will need to go through the hassle of applying for a PRTD and as you still sound nervous based on the rumours you appear to be listening to this will just add more stress.

    So ensure you have your PR card with you whilst out of the country and you can come and go as you please without involving any government department by needing to apply for a PRTD.

    As long as you accumulate 2 years residence in 5 years, most important in the first 5 years from landing, but then becomes a rolling 5 years, you will be fine. There must be more to the story you quoted maybe even some form of misrepresentation came to light that caused a review and PR to be revoked. Impossible to say without full facts.
  6. Hi ,

    First of all i would like to know what is a PRTD ? How can i obtain that? The reason why i m asking is that after our first landing my husband will return to our home country in a months time.I am sure by then he may not have the PR card. In that scenario can i get the PR CARD on his behalf and courrier it to him for him to return to canada? Is it allowed? Or else what is the next alternative? What as a primary applicant i should do? Pls advice
  7. A PRTD allows someone who does not have a PR card to board a plane destined for Canada.


    By all means you can courier your husbands PR card people do this all the time especially new immigrants.

    Once someone has landed , who was or was not primary applicant is irrelevant as far as an individuals PR status is concerned. Your husband will need to apply for a PRTD from his home country, it cannot be applied for from within Canada.
  8. Hi I have some other question, If somebody know please help us
    We are planing to migrate under aipp - my wife is nurse Diploma in general nursing and midwifery from india
    is possible to write crne directly on canda
  9. Please start your own thread.

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