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How long for CPC-M to view additional documents?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by canadaguy238, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for CPC-Mississauga to view additional uploaded documents?

    Outland application. The PA is from USA. Common law sponsor is Canadian citizen.

    Also, since PA is from USA, will we get PPR or just COPR?

  2. It'll take as long as it takes. Just a COPR. PPR is only required where a physical visa has to be inserted into the passport.
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  3. Weeks - not days and not months. No one can be more specific.
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  4. You will get what’s called a Passport Request Letter but since you are from a visa exempt country it will have instructions on sending your passport copies only with return envelope and address to courier both. Once issued, the Confirmation of Permanent Residence papers will be sent back to you with the return envelope. You do not get COPR directly via email or mail. Do read the PPR letter that comes through and follow the instructions menioned.
  5. Not necessarily.

    For Visa-exempt countries, sometimes you get a request for a copy of the passport bio pages (and can send by upload in GCKey) OR sometimes they just send out the CoPR by normal mail.

    For us (wife is British, so visa-exempt), we got a CoPR in the mail without a passport / copy passport request.
  6. I mentioned about the passport bio pages on my post. My answer was based on the processing of current visa exempt applicants and that’s how each one has been getting it. A letter stating about sending passport bio pages. No one has directly received COPR. You have to attach a return envelope with the passport copies for the COPR. Your application was processed back in 2016/17 and must have had considerable changes by now.
  7. I have heard it can be delayed being looked at sometimes from 2 weeks from when you submit it and even until the due date of the requested additional document, and sometimes longer. I was sent an additional document request on May 28 with a due date of June 27. When I got the document I emailed them the pdf file on June 4, sent it through case specific enquiry on June 5, and uploaded through GCKey on June 8. I heard from IRCC and case specific enquiry replies that the responsible office did receive the document. I am from the US and the principal applicant. This is the last thing I am waiting for. I have no idea how long it will take to be reviewed. It really varies. Hoping to have a decision made by end of June/early July.
  8. I also have a document request with a June 27 due date, and just got confirmation that my webform submission (submitted last of my docs on Monday) went through today. Hopefully we won't have to wait until the 27th for them to look at the documents, but I think it's common for them to wait until the due date.
  9. Anyone update with yours? My GCKey still says my action is required and needing the documents under the additional document part.
  10. Same here, I'm still checking multiple times a day but I'm not really expecting a response until the 27th/28th.
  11. I am doing the same thing checking multiple times a day. I am figuring the same thing but getting anxious since its just about a week away.
  12. Just try to relax, it'll pass in no time.
  13. Hopefully, and for both of us.
  14. Got an ADR for my 9months old son on the 17th of April. Sent documents on the 23rd of April. Till now no update. Only update I got was documents have been uploaded. They are taking too much time in reviewing documents don't know why
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  15. Is anyone else still waiting for CPC-M to review uploaded documents and make a decision? We uploaded documents over a month ago (Around May 22nd) and had a document due date of June 15th. We just keep waiting and waiting.

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