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How long does it take to get a study visa under SDS

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Prikshitluthra, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. why candian vo's takes more time than stated on cic.gc. my classes will be started on may 21st. i submitted my file on 19 march offline. Still no response from those slackers vo. Now i am thinking why i applied to canada. I had option to apply in New Zealand. at least countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand refuse on time.:mad:
  2. New Zealand is also a good place to study and work compare to Canada no much different
  3. yeh man NZ is far better than canda in terms of study. AUS,USA,NZ vo's will let you know everything on time.

  4. NZ offer student working permit ? But in times of job and cost of living Canada is still the best
  5. are these canadian vo's are blind or what man. i didn't submit medical with my file and my classes will be held on may 21st. What are they doing. no replies no updates nothing.
  6. That is how there system work . Unpredictable , sometimes they are very slow in processing and sometimes they respond fast. Anyway if they didn't get back to you on time then get ready to defer your admission to the next intake.

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