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How do I fix a mistake in spousal sponsorship form?


Jan 15, 2020
Hello Everyone,
CIC has asked the Principal Applicant to resubmit the updated Schedule A Background declaration form (IMM 5669) bearing with original signature under spousal sponsorship application.

We have noticed a mistake in an initial submission of this form regarding the question 6d, the answer should be "Yes" as the principal application got the refusal before under the Family Sponsorship (parental / dependent sponsorship - refused due to over age) and Visitor Visa (refused due to weak back home ties) to Canada.

How we can correct this mistake while submitting the requested form again.
  • Do we need to write a letter explaining about the initial mistake or just use the space provided on the (June-2019) form.
  • Also provide copies of earlier refusal letters as proof?
  • What should we mention that it was just a human error / mistake?
Medical and biometrics have already been done. Will this mistake impact on the application?

After doing the original sign on the form, do we need to mail it (option A) or we can still scan and upload it (option B)?
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Feb 16, 2020
Hi, im just wondering....did u just found out u made a mistake? Or did cic actually saw the mistake and ask u for a revised schedule A?