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honeymoon in Canada. spouse is Canadian with American green card living in america from last 8 years

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by khan4747, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. hi guys so i am a Pakistani citizen whereas my wife is a Canadian citizen from last 20 years and holds a american green card. we got married 4 months ago and unfortunately she and her family had to go back to america because of her studies so now we are planning our honey moon in Canada in the upcoming December vacations. i don't know how to explain all this in the visit visa application form. and do i need a sponsor letter from her as she lives in America currently. we ll be staying at a hotel. advice needed
  2. Your visa officer will be concerned that you will overstay your admission in an attempt to apply for inland PR. You'll need to demonstrate strong ties outside of Canada and a travel history that supports your commitment to abide by the terms of your admission to Canada.
  3. Unless she is planning on moving back to Canada you can't apply inland because you need to be living together.
  4. A TRV application to honeymoon in Canada is likely to be refused.

    Your wife can start the spousal PR process while living in the US. She would need to include a plan to prove she intends to move back to Canada + finances to support both of you when you move. This, IMO, is going to be tough to prove considering she has been living in the US for 20+ years + she is currently a student. Nonetheless, IMO, a spousal PR application is the best way forward.... or else you can plan to honeymoon in another country

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