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Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by quami, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. Yes, I am in Canada. I am actually the employer. My cousin is from overseas is the applicant. Never worked in Canada. Has some work experience related to caregiving and is also a nurse
  2. good day!
    Im planning to submit my application for the home child care pilot dis coming october 2019. I just want to know what is fastest courier for mailing dhl or postal office? taz my nkalagay stamp envelope what do they mean by that? thanks is advance for the answer.
  3. Im applying from the philippines. another question want to confirm how to pay.. will i just need my account to eservices.cic.gc.ca?
  4. Dhl.

    You will need self addressed labels. Not envelopes..
  5. Credit card. Online.
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    is that the correct website? i created my account already, is it the same website where my application will get updates? thanks quami.
  7. Is age a factor for caregiver selection? I am 40 years old
  8. Plz could u share your age? I am 40 years old. Is age a selection factor in caregiver new program? Does receiving AOR means I will be selected.
    Plz plz plz plz reply
  9. I know some people who applied as caregiver around age 40 and are already here.

    AOR just simply means they got your application.. it hasn't been reviewed yet...
  10. Hi , can someone tell me what education I need to have for this pilot? I know it has to be a year, but what I don’t know is the name of the career or program. For example for home support worker is it good enough if I’m a nurse? And what about home child care provider? What should my education be?
  11. PLEAse responde ASAP, I want to enroll in a program that can fit in any of these two pilots. Can someone suggest which program? Nursing? Early childhood education?
  12. May I ask what education and experience your submitted?
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    I am applying for caregiver under Home Child Care Provider and my both daughters (13 yrs and 11 yrs old) will accompany with me. We will all live at my employer home as per offer of employment.

    1...As my both kids are dependent so at the time of work permit may I have to deposit dependent children fee?

    2...Is any more formalities or any separate documents i.e.for PR/Study visa to be filled for my both kids so they will accompany with me and study there? If yes, then what are these?
  14. Hi
    I applied for Home Care Provider Pilot program 2 weeks ago. I sent ECA report from WES copy instead of original. Does anyone know if IRCC will return whole package or will give AOR and request for original document ?


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