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Hiv Positive applying for student visa

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by AlexGord, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys, I am young man who got positive in hiv as young as 23 yrs old, I know that this got to me at an earlier stage but I know my life wont stop here. I dream to study in canada thats i applied for student visa. I already paid 100,000 in peso just for applying a visa in a visa center and figure out that I may get denied because of medical exam. i dont want to disaapoint my family because we invested a big amount of money. Right now Im still waiting for my ITA and i cant help myself to get worried. Im just a young man who wish to have a brighter future despite of my condition. If anyone had the same issue with me and got approved please help me to understand.
  2. If u have been under treatment for long time its not an issue.. but if u do not have any records of treatment. U will be denied
  3. Thank you for your quick response, I have been taking medication for the past 6 months and I had a high cd4 and undetectable viral loads Do i get a series of additional exam? What are my chances sid? I am so worried. I dont know what to do.
  4. Hi there.

    I was diagnosed HIV+ in late 2015 and have been on treatment with tenofivir/lamivudine/efavirenz since then, with undetectable viral load as well as CD4 count above 500. I have been on a balance diet, working out frequently and keeping myself healthy despite my condition.

    I too want to study in Canada for at least one year and afterwards obtain a PGWP to work one more year. However, I fear having my request denied. This is frustrating and gets me really down to think that had I not ever got infected my life would be a lot easier.

    Please share your experiences. Have you managed to get a study permit in the same conditions?
  5. I am also applying for student permit.
    Some one informed me that I will have to show funds to prove that I will be able to spend for the Treatment for the HIV while staying in Canada.
    Now every international student in Canada is suppose take a health insurance. I talked to someone from my university and they told me that the health insurance provided by the university covers a cost of CAD7500 for prescription drugs for a 'pre existing condition' for the first year and CAD20000 for the next year.

    Now even I am not clear how things will work out for me, or how it worked out for you.

    if you can give me an insight of how you went about it, Please let me know . This will help me for sure.
  6. Hello,
    Anyone applied for visa? If yes then what's results came? Please answer guys, i really want to apply.
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  7. I have applied for the study permit. Gave my biometrics yesterday only.
    Just hoping that things would work out for me.
  8. Hi I applied for study visa with my status and my passport was returned back to me with a letter in it stating that I should check my mail for any message from them, am so sad
  9. Unfortunately a rejection. Likely not HIV related.
  10. The requirements for excessive medical costs are different for PRs and international students. Each province will have difference responses for the same medical profile. If you are on a drug that is currently available in a generic form in Canada and you don’t have any other medical issues the HIV is unlikely to cause a refusal. You do have to look at the prescription drug coverage amount at each school. Back in my days I think it was something low like $2000/year which would likely be an issue. Schools have relatively low coverage rates because most post secondary students are very healthy.
  11. I applied for Visa in June. Went for Medical on 1st June. They did my TB related blood test (Gamme Inteferon). It came out positive. They asked for Gene Xpert, Sputum Culture and Smear test for three consecutive days to confirm it. Also, they asked for a second X-ray on or after 1st September. I went for giving sputum samples on 24th,25th and 26th June. The Gene Xpert report came out negative on 1st July. I was informed over phone that Sputum Culture and Smear reports were all negative on 30th August, and that I should come to the hospital for Xray on 2nd September since 1st is sunday. I went and the Xray was also normal. I was referred to the Pulmonary specialist doctor in the hospital. He was not aware of how to handle the case because the Gamma Interferon report was positive and all the reports were negative.
    I explained my whole situation to him. The expert doctor called my general physician and they discussed about my case. Eventually I requested him to do the process a bit quickly. He told me that he would make a report stating that there is no indication of Active Tb, on the next day.
    So I am hoping that things would work out for me in some days.
  12. Hi Gipps,
    I also want to apply for student visa, Can you please tell me about your case ? Did you get the approval ?
  13. Hello guys,
    I am in same boat. I was diagnosed in January this year , started medication straight after my diagnosis, I was undetectable within 4 weeks. Right now I am on work visa in Australia . I want to apply for study permit in Canada. Can anyone please share their experience of their student visa process.
    Any appropriate reply will be much appreciated.
    Regards and thanks in advance.
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  14. Yes I got the approval in 2 weeks. I am in Canada now. I have condition on my visa that I should reach to TB hospital in my province for a surveillance. If things are, okie you will get the approval, even though a bit late.
  15. It is really dependent on the province where you apply. The medical exemption limit is different than for PR. You would also need to look at some of the international student medical plans to see about the level of drug coverage. The maximum amount tends to be quite low because students tend to be healthy and not on many medications.

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