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Help! travelling to Canada tomorrow.... with an expired PR from 7 years ago.

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by germaj, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. Looking for urgent advice! I only just got found out about the "visiting Canada with an expired PR" hornets nest!
    I was a minor when I lived briefly in Canada and had a permanent residency card. It expired years ago and I have been living in Germany since 2011, where I was born and from where I have my passport.
    I plan to visit Canada tomorrow and was about to apply for an eTA. Only now, someone just mentioned that my expired PR card (which I don't even have anymore) doesn't mean I am no longer a PR and that I have to officially renounce it before I can enter Canada again?! I don't have time to renounce my card before I leave... but in the eTA I have to state if I've ever help a permit before.
    If I say I have but have not renounced the PR yet, will i be denied entry?
    If I apply for the renouncing and can prove I've applied (and have an eTA) would that work?
    Or could I simply say that I haven't held a permit in the eTA form? I have a new passport.... will it pop up for them anyway?

    I honestly just want to visit Canada for 4 weeks and continue living in Germany. I wish I had found out about the renouncing earlier, my parents told me that the residency expires when the card does so i never thought twice about it. Obviously that was very wrong and now I'm in quite a scary situation. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Once a PR always a PR unless renounced or revoked and as a PR you would be entitled to enter a Canada. PR card expiry is irrelevant to PR status.

    The challenge is You need a valid PR card or PRTD to even board a plane for Canada given as a PR still you cannot apply for an ETA.

    Even if you apply now for an ETA it should be rejected and you would be given a couple choices, apply for a PRTD which will be rejected anyway due to failing the residency obligation or renounce your PR status so you can then apply for an ETA.

    This all takes time and will not be an instant process , maybe taking couple of weeks.

    Having a new passport does not help when applying for an ETA as they reconcile name/DOB to find PR status as many who were PRs 30 years ago have found out even though in the ETA application they did not declare they were PRs.

    As you are flying tomorrow not sure what to suggest , you could take a chance they let you board and if you get to Canada worst case they let you in but say they will be revoking your PR status. Or defer your trip until you can renounce PR and apply for an ETA or fly to the US and enter via land border assuming you have an ESTA for the US.

    A PR card , PRTD or ETA are only required to travel to Canada not to leave by the way.
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  3. Hi Seniors and Bs65


    Unfortunately I forget to mention "that i have applied earlier in 2010 for Canada TRV, as i was not sure about an agent, did he submitted my application or not

    Now, After getting my UCI number in application today. I realize this UCI series is OLD one ( with 8 digits ) rather than 10 digits nowadays for fresh application to CIC.

    It seems they retrieve my OLD application's UCI from 2010

    NOW should i wait raise CSE in web form and update "FORGET TO MENTION" ???
    Should i WITHDRAW an application ?? and submit a new application

    Thanks in advance
  4. thank you so much for the quick response. Do you know why it is easier to enter Canada through a land border? I don't quite follow. Would i still need to fill out an eTA? i have a valid ESTA for the US so at least that part wouldn't be a problem! Sweaty palms over here.
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    Others can comment as well but given you need a PR card, a PRTD or an ETA to board a plane (ETA not needed via a land border with the US) for Canada none of which you have, you only need a visa exempt passport and an ESTA to fly to the US and a passport to enter via the land border.

    Granted CBSA may determine you are still a PR and give you some grief for not having a PR card , then inform you before letting you in that they will be starting process to revoke your PR or they might just wave in you in on the basis of your visa exempt passport without any fuss as a visitor assuming you do not upfront declare yourself as a PR.

    With CBSA always answer questions asked honestly but do not volunteer extra information plus of course having a return ticket to Germany helps.

    Ultimately your decision I cannot advise you the best option even though if time was not an issue that would be renounce PR and then apply for an ETA. The land option always sounds a hassle getting to a land border from Europe unless Seattle/Vancouver , or Detroit /windsor for example let alone facing USCBP.
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  6. The PR card/PRTD/eTA/visa is required by the commercial carrier to let you travel to Canada.

    CBSA does not have such a requirement. If you can get yourself to a POE, you will be allowed entry.
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  7. Thanks again for your answer! Really appreciate the help! I've spent many hours reading through the Canadian law and also with attempts to change my flight I've concluded my only option is to attempt boarding the plane in Amsterdam and then renounce my PR at the "point of entry". i found many sentences in sections of the immigration policy that state at a point of entry someone is allowed to renounce their PR or be allowed entry with the condition of applying for the renouncing, once the required documentation has been acquired.
    The only problem will be getting on the plane, because I've applied for an eTA now, since i dont have my expired PR card anymore... yikes. I do have old photos and photocopies (both sides) of it so if the eTA is not approved by tomorrow evening when I fly i will try to explain that I am still a PR, have an expired & lost card and plan to clarify with immigration in Canada when i land. i even printed out the legislature backing my case..... but im terrified.
    What do you guys think of that plan?
  8. thanks for this info, it seems my only hurdle is boarding the plane. do you know if proof of a PR card is enough to board? I dont have the card anymore, but have heard people boarded with expired cards...
  9. No, it isn't. Without a valid PR card or PRTD, you will not be able to board.
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  10. thanks to your info, i have some clarity and will not go that route! thank you!

    i am looking to change my flight to arriving in Seattle and taking a bus/ferry to Vancouver.
    any chance you know the risk level there?

    by then i could retrieve my (long) expired PR card, and have that as well as my german passport with me to enter Canada.
    i'm totally ready and willing to renounce my status as PR too, just am looking for the most sure way to enter the country for my visit, without running the risk i'll be denied entry...
  11. Yes, you can fly to Seattle and take a bus or ferry.
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