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Aug 10, 2018
Hi everyone!

I have been planning and preparing to apply for the Manitoba PNP. I have read a lot online including some threads in here. It is so hard to not get confused. I have so many questions but have no one to ask for clarifications . I hope someone can help. Please know that I am still reading anything I could find online and doing my own research, but anyone's help will be greatly appreciated.

I would list my questions below. If you have any idea on any of them, please do let me know. Thank you very much.

1. Is the first step to create an Expression of Interest? I have already created one but have not submitted it yet. I just got confused as I have recently read someone saying that one should create Express Entry profile first instead on "cic.gc.ca" website, then only from there I should create EOI on the Manitoba site. Can't I skip making EE and just create EOI only since I am only aiming for the Provincial Nominee Program of Manitoba?

2. What should I do if my name on my school diplomas (elementary and highschool) show a shortcut of Maria, which is Ma., when in my succeeding documents such as my college diploma and even my birth certificate show the full Maria? Should I have them changed? Or can I just leave them that way and just accomplish a document like an Affidavit (or if any, kindly let me know)? Will Canada honor it?

3. My settlement fund is a sum of contributions from my boyfriend and my aunt and they are transferring it to my bank account. Will this be a problem? What should I do to make it appear like it comes from me when I currently dont have a job since 2015 and only currently looking for one. What do you have in mind that you can suggest or advise about my situation?

4. My last job was in 2015. My employment duration was from 2010-2015. The moment I submit my EOI or EE, whichever I should submit, should the NOC I choose be based on that job I had in 2015? If thats the case, what if after I have already submitted the EOI, I happen to land a new job that falls under NOC thats different from the one I chose in my EOI, should I change it (I also wonder if it's modifiable after it's submitted)?

5. I requested for a revised Employment Cert from my previous employer requesting them to include all the required details of Canada ie duties, hours of work, etc.. However, the HR said only the Manager who handled me could provide me that. The problem is I had three different managers/team leaders during my employment as I had been assigned to different roles. It would be so complicated to get in touch with them one by one What should I do?