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Help plz

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Sanamkhan, Jul 14, 2018.

  1. Hi friends i m little confused. I am a permanent resident of canada. My friend from pakistan wants to come to canada for a visit and tour. So what he has to do? Do i have to send him invitation? And how long will it take him to get the visa of canada for visiting? Plz help me friends m confused
  2. Its best if he can apply on his own for tourism..
    But for that he needs to show strong ties to pakistan and good travel history.. previously travelled to US ,UK , Australia will be plus..
  3. be also prepared for back ground checks like mine despite having strong ties to pakistan and good travel history to schengen,uk and usa my application is under process since april 03 2018
  4. But he doesnt have travel history except duba thats it. Will this be effected? What if a person never went for visit somewhere. But that doesnt mean they will not give chance to the people who wants to visit first time abroad
  5. If he has no travel history it will be harder to be approved. He will want to provide very strong evidence of ties to his home country (employment, property ownership, assets, etc.)
  6. Well he can travel any where in the world but why canada .. he need convincing reason and ties to home country ..

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