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help: how to prove relative relationships?

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by 19831983, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. 1.proof of relationship in Canada

    My uncle, my aunt and my cousin are all canadian citizen, but they were all born in china. what documents should i prepare to prove the relationship? which authority should i go to get those documents?

    for example, i can prepare the birth certificates of my uncle, my mother and me. do i need to prepare the birth certificates of my cousin, my aunt and the marriage certificate of my uncle and my aunt?

    Thanks a loT!!!
  2. Hi

    Birth Certificates of Your mother, her brother (uncle) and you. Note you also require proof of the uncles status in Canada and proof that he is residing there.

  3. yes PM is right and in proof that he is residing in Canada you need his PR Card Copy both side he can scan and send you or what ever else he have proof of Resident card and you need orignal birth cirtificate they will not accept photo Copies, so tell your uncle or relative send you his orignal birth cirtificate ,
  4. To 198.....

    I have the same situation as yours, I was told by CIC they i need to provide documents of relationship
    However, back then in china they dont have birth certificates which makes thing very complicated....
    Cos both my parents dont have birth certificates issued by china.....anyways, i wont go into details

    My uncle who is a canadian...who went back to china for holiday...
    Managed to get the relevant documents to proof that he and my dad are from the same parents; (this is what CIC wants)
    and all these documents also need to be translated in english. The next thing u can do is that hoping all their marriage certificates have your grandparents' names as well, this will help too.

    what i am trying to say, u might have to go thru this tedious process depending whether your uncle/aunt and dad have birth certificates issued by china, i hope they have it..cos my dad and uncle were born way to early back then....

    Hope these infor is helpful

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