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HELP! Cover letter for mom's visitor visa application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by honey_cathy, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. hello everyone, i will need help with regards to my mom's cover letter for her application. To all the expert members, please comment for any input or better suggestions. Thanks.

    The Honourable Consul

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I, Xxxxxx, 66 years of age, with passport #xxxxxx, would like to apply for a Canadian Visitor visa to visit my daughter (Xxxxxx), my son in-law (Xxxxxxx) and my only grandson (Xxxxxxx) who lives in xxxxxx, British Columbia. I am planning to travel on August 5, 2018 till September 1, 2018 only because I would like to come home and accompany my brother who had a stroke a year ago, for his annual check up. And also, as a care taker of my sister’s house who lives in USA, is another reason for me to come back and my pets as well. If my visa will be granted, my maid will take care of my sister’s house and my pets until I come back from Canada. I will shoulder all my expenses for the entire duration of my stay even though my son in-law insist to shoulder my accommodation, meals and other expenses that may arise. It would be a great opportunity for me also to see my other daughter and my only grand daughter who lives in USA to visit me in Canada to have a family reunion if my Canadian visitor visa will be granted. Ever since my youngest daughter (Xxxxxxx) started working abroad, I was left with my siblings but I am happy because every once in a while I was able to visit her in Dubai when she was still working there as a Flight Attendant. But now that she’s in Canada with her family, they would like to invite me to see Canada. My other daughter who lives in USA is working as a Flight Attendant with American Airlines and she was trying to convince me to live with her a long time ago but I resist because I am happy living a simple life style in the Philippines with my cats that my daughters brought from Dubai and USA. I don’t have any land properties nor business to prove my ties here, other than my two cars, but I have my savings from the bank for long time from my two daughters who’s supporting me financially ever since my husband died last 2001.

    Please see the following documents that I attached:

    *invitation letter
    *proof of funds
    *car ownership
    *proof of relationship
    *my sister’s land title (please see the address for proof as house care taker)
    * travel history
    *my son in-law’s NOA, T4, bank account statement, employment certificate and pay stub
    *day-to-day plan in Canada

    I hope you will grant my visitor visa application. Thank you for your kind consideration.

  2. Hi,

    1. Please state Applicant and Host information in point format (Name, Nationality, Date of birth, Passport details, Address, Employment, Relationship to the Host)

    2. IMO, this is not a cover letter. You would want to set it out in separate sections: Purpose of my visit (reference the detailed day-by-day visit plan, but mention the plan in short here) + Funds available for my visit + Strong ties to my home country (property ownership, employment, family ties, financials, etc) + Travel history (reference the travel history explanation, but highlight any travel to visa-required countries here) + Why I must return to my home country by a specific date

    3. The tone of the letter must be formal. Right now, the details are all over the place and in a casual language + the sentences are long, run-on types (remember the letter has only X minutes to make the right pitch to the visa officer, you cannot lose it in long winding sentences that are casually written).

    4. Delete irrelevant information about the past, present and the future.

    5. Reference all explanations and evidence being submitted

  3. You would want to rephrase this. Better still, don't write this. It draws unwanted attention to the fact that you have no ties to the Philippines + you're financially dependent on your host-children = You can overstay your visit.

    Your family ties to Canada are too strong. You would want to rethink your application + include strong ties to the Philippines before you apply.

    Remember evidence works, not explanations
  4. I was planning to visit my brother and his family this summer but my visa got rejected.
    invitation letter
    my status in Saudi Arabia as an expat
    my husband's employment letter of Saudi
    my daughter's school letter that she is a student
    bank statement of my husband which also showed my brother in law transferred some money which he took from us as loan last year )
    my husband's letter of authority to accompany the child and that he can finance the stay
    also my abstract was accepted in a conference, so I submitted the letter
    but my visa was rejected stating I will not return.I am disappointed and dont know where I went wrong?
  5. Although you haven't posted the refusal reasons, I'm guessing why you were refused:
    1. Purpose of visit refusal reason: Multiple purposes of visit i.e. you applied for a family visit + to attend a conference, and also want to bring both your daughters with you. You haven't posted the duration of your visit.

    2. Family ties refusal reason: Your family ties will be stronger to Canada because you want to visit with both your daughters. Not sure if your husband had also applied.

    3. If you need to present your paper at a conference then why would you have to pay for the visit? Did you submit evidence for the conference registration? Have you presented other papers/same paper in other visa-required countries or in KSA/your home country?

    4. Immigration status refusal reason: You don't have permanent immigration status in KSA. I also suspect your refusal probably has something to do with the passport you hold.

    5. Finances refusal reason: Your husband's bank statement indicated an amount transferred by your brother-in-law. Do you have evidence to prove your brother-in-law had borrowed this money from your husband? Otherwise, it indicates that your husband (and you) have a weak financial situation
  6. Thank you very much indeed.
    My main purpose of the visit was my brothers family and I had filled the application.
    Then I thought if I am going why not present at a conference and my abstract was accepted.
    I submitted the application before registering for the conference.
    Duration of my stay was one and a half months.
    I am residing in KSA for 24 years
    I also submitted a letter from my elder daughters medical school-stating she is second-year student and as it was a non-resident Indian seat we also had paid for all five years.
  7. You'll need to share more details:
    1. What were the refusal reasons?

    2. Have you traveled to other visa-required countries?

    3. List of documents that you submitted

  8. The following are refusal reasons
    • travel history
    • immigration status in country of residence
    • Personal assets and financial status
    • I am not satisfied that you have sufficient funds, including income or assets, to carry out your stated purpose in going to Canada or to maintain yourself while in Canada and to effect your departure
    • You have not provided sufficient documentation to support your / your host's income and assets
    I did not visit but my daughter visited Japan whose visa also was rejected.
    I submitted : Saudi ID
    passport copy
    my husband's employment letter
    bank statement of Saudi and fixed deposit home country
    My daughter's school certificate
    my husbands authorization letter
    my husbands letter that he is sponsoring us
    Indian id
    conference invitation letter
    My brothers passport copy
    his invitation letter and his bank statement
    and a cover letter
  9. Hello people,please let me know if IELTS academic score is applicable for immigration??

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