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Help! Case Specific Equerries didn't reach CIC on time for Amendment

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by aaww, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I posted another thread last week for cancelling super visa application. Basically, parents are coming for a short visit and I put super visa in the application, without knowing that they need to buy insurance for super visa.

    Based on Bryanna's suggestion, I submitted a web form to CIC along with the amended IMM5257 to change the application to regular visitor visa. It's been about a week and now my parents' CIC account are showing they need a medical exam. Usually this is for staying for longer than 6 months.

    So it looks like the web form didn't get through CIC and they are still processing the super visa application. I called CIC thousand times but no one answered. What can I do now? The medical exam must be done within 30 days or the application will be refused.
  2. Did you not email the amended forms to your parents' local visa office?
  3. The local visa office said they only deal with paper application. My parents' application were submitted online through my parents' own CIC account.
  4. Which visa office? And, how were you informed about this?
  5. VFS Beijing has nothing to do with online applications. They only accept paper applications + they won't have a clue about your parents' applications.

    Also, VFS Beijing is NOT an IRCC visa office.

    You should have emailed the amended visa forms to the Beijing visa office like I had suggested in your other thread. Here's the email address:

    Mark this email as 'Urgent'.

    And, do not chat with VFS Beijing agents!
  6. Ehh I see. Thanks! I'll email them right away. Hopefully I can still catch up.
  7. BTW there are visa offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong SAR in addition to the Beijing visa office.

    You might also want to email the visa office that's processes TRV applications for the province where your parents live
  8. Thanks Bryanna.
    I think their VO should be Beijing as they live geometrically closer to Beijing.
    Just sent VO an email and got an auto reply. It says If you submitted an application online, please contact the VAC you plan to send your passport to for visa issuance. The VAC will contact the visa office if your case is urgent.
    So I guess I still need to contact VAC (which is VFS Beijing) somehow if I don't hear anything back from VO after a few weeks?
  9. Think of the VFS as an intermediary. But, you have contacted the visa office directly. So, it could work. Nonetheless, wait and watch for a week or so
  10. Hi Bryanna, it looks like my initial CSE was submitted to CIC inbound because I got a reply from CIC saying that my amended documents have been forwarded to the VO in Beijing. I also sent emails to the VO but no one replied.
    The medical exam is about to reach the 30-day deadline. Should I still wait or contact VFS immediately?
  11. Any updates in the online status?

    Not sure if you have emailed the correct visa office (not the VAC). If you did and still haven't received a reply then do request VFS/VAC. Do send an email. You won't be relying on chat messages
  12. Thanks for the reply!

    No updates in the online application. It's still showing medical request.

    I'm pretty sure this time the email was sent to the correct VO because I received an auto reply from the embassy of Canada in Beijing.

    When I contact VFS/VAC, do I need to include application #, date of birth and all those important info?
  13. Yes, please do, including the passport details + your email to the visa office
  14. Hey Bryanna, so here's the update: my father's application shows approved and received a passport request.
    But my mom's status is different. She has a correspondence letter saying the visa is refused because the med exam is missing. Then there's another new message showing up on the same day, which is the passport request letter. Her final decision says "Your application was approved" and the med section shows "you do not need a medical exam".

    Now I'm confused. Is her visa approved?

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