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hello any can help me or advice me

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by trishalopez13, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. hello...
    Any can help me?I'm planning to resign with in this week.But my problem is pay day next week.planning to pass my resignation next week.state or my contract 1week notice for resignation.they have the right to hold my salary?I'm waiting my salary next week cause I'm planing to go home.not finish my contract.cause what i feel at my work because of stress and pain at my back everyday i feel..please hell me.And also our head boss planing gor a vacation next week.he come back 2015 at work place
  2. From your previous post, you are in Alberta. If you've been working for this employer for more than 3 months, you are required to give a week of notice.

    If you give the full one week notice, your employer is required to pay you out within 3 days of the end of the notice period.

    If you quit without giving a week of notice, your employer is required to pay you out within 10 days AFTER the one week of notice should have ended. For example, if you quit with no notice, they can hold your pay for a week plus the 10 days. If you give 3 days notice, they can hold your pay for 4 more days plus the 10 days.
  3. i'm working her in alberta.What if i submit my resignation notice next week 1week notiification.example i submit my letter by monday next week.friday next week our pay day.Can i receive my salary ?or they going to hold for it..turning 6months this coming december.But i want to resign cause I'm not comfortable atmy work because of my back i feel in pain and also I have a sinus her I'm not sure where i get it.because of the weather or my work place because of my work cause we are using chemical to clean the room.what if i pass my letter my boss won't allow me to resign cause they need worker to the company, because winter the hotel is busy.But i want to quit my job.any advice or help what I'm going to do.thank you.

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