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Health insurance for US born baby until he gets his PR documents

Discussion in 'Health' started by mom_of_two, May 31, 2012.

  1. Hello! We will be moving back to Canada in July and have a 5 year old who was born in the US, before we were Canadian citizens (we were PR). We realize that we have to sponsor the child for PR, but until he gets the documents (and 3 months afterwards) he will not be covered by OHIP. If anybody has been in this situation, could you please advise what is the best way to go? Can I buy private insurance for a child? Would it be expensive (it is in the US)? Thank you!
  2. You have two options. Try to find some type of travel / emergency insurance in the US that will cover him in Canada or find an insurance in Canada.

    There is a user on this forum who is an insurance broker, maybe he can help you. His username is haver
  3. Hello, may I ask what did you end up doing as I am in the same situation and any help is appreciated.
  4. You are asking someone who posted 7 years ago. You need to purchase emergency medical insurance and pay for regular care.

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