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Health insurance before landing.

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Beltra5748, Oct 27, 2019.

  1. Hi everyone. First of all good luck with your settlement and new life in Canada.

    I am going to immigrate to Canada next month as a PR. Before sending my passport I was aked to provide the address where "I intend to live in Canada", so I provided an address in Ottawa of a friend of mine.
    I will initially land in Ottawa and probably stay there until I receive my PR card (unless I get a Job in another province), after that I would like to move to Fredericton New Brunswick. The thing is, do I need to buy a health insurance? My question is because as far as I know access to Public Health Care will not be available for me until I receive my PR Card and other documents from the Canadian Government.
    Please help me with this issue and if it is necessary to buy a health insurance could you please rocommend me a reliable insurance company to do that, how much it costs and for how long is it recommended to get that insurance?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Nothing to do with whether or when you get your PR Card or other federal documents necessarily, the rules for proof vary by province as each province runs it's own healthcare.

    Ontario has a 3 months wait until you can be covered'

    I am pretty sure that New Brunswick has no wait period and you could be covered immediately.

    BUT if you stay in Ontario, you will NOT be covered by ON healthcare (and cannot apply for NB healthcare until you actually live there). Note that medical insurance is not mandatory, but it is an excellent idea! Have a read here:


    In terms of cost, think around $CAD500 - 750 for 3 months cover.
  3. Would also mention that your health coverage in Ontario is not valid if you stay in Ontario for less than 6 months. You should read up on the residency requirements to receive healthcare coverage. If you don’t follow the residency rules you can be asked to pay back any services you use.
  4. Yes. If I were the OP, I would seriously re-think the plan of staying in ON for a while! Why not go straight to your destination province and city and look for a job immediately. No need to wait for a PR card, once you have a SIN, you can work!

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