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Having Skype interview with Morden immigration on 5th June . Urgent help

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by rdmindia, May 31, 2018.

  1. Hello Friends, I have scheduled interview for Morden immigration application. I have skypS interview on 5th June and
  2. Anyone please share what type of questions they are going to ask.
  3. Anyone please share what type of questions they are going to ask.
  4. Modern immigration? Do you mean visa officer?
    What stage are you now? CIC or province?
  5. Yes Morden immigration is small city in Manitoba and I sent them to fill all details. They asked me to skyp interview. Do you have any idea about whr
  6. When did you fill up the application for Morden?
  7. Best of luck! Which occupation that you had applied for?
  8. It is hard to tell, as all the interviews are strictly case-specific. I have read a comment from a Brazilian guy on immitracker who received a call from an agent and they spoke for like 30 min straight. For what I can remember, it was mostly about the job (to compare what he says, what his employer said and what is written in the letter), the travel history, etc. So the best preparation is to study your application to not suddenly forget or miss anything. I don't think they will go beyond your application.
  9. Thanks to all for your response. I applied on 2 May and my noc is 0911.
  10. Thank You very much
  11. I am not sure about PNP tho.. May be they will ask you about your plans and why you chose the province/city?.. I am also curious now :) Could you come back here and let us know what they asked after the interview? :rolleyes:
  12. Sure...I will post questions.
  13. Hello Friends, as I committed to give information about my Skype interview with Morden. Just now finished my interview with Immigration coordinator and she is very nice and always smiling to give positive confidence. Below are the questions,
    1) self introduction
    2) What do you do with your family means how to spend time with your family members
    3) About my wife details and her lacel of English
    4) How do your know Morden and If you want to select then can you come to Morden for exploratory visit
    5) how you cope with rural areas means do you have any experience about rural areas living
    6) Do you have your own home
    7) If you do job as Manufacturing Manager or manufacturing engineer
    8) if you visit here on exploratory visit the. What would be your first steps?
    9) have you ever been to abroad
    10) during your visit how you explore Morden ?
    11) asking questions about my present company and previous company details and my role profile

    She will tell me that Till the next Wednesday will inform about exploratory visit
    12) any question you wanted to ask me.
    My self:- I asked her to what is the sucess if I would be selected for EV and chances to get next process and she told me that out 9/10 has got PR.

    Fingers crossed now. Pray for me to get EV.

    Thanks all your support
  14. Fingers crossed for you! Hope you get the EV.

    Let me know if you have questions about the town. I live in Winnipeg but my husband's family is from that area and some members of his family live in Morden. It's a small town but in the process of growing, and still has strong ties to their rural background but many people in town work in non-urban related occupations.
  15. Hi.. I got the EV xonficonfirm letter and invitation letter too. I . planning to go there in End of July. Could you please share some information rehregard what to do during exploratory visit. Rhanks
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