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Have you previously applied to enter or remain in Canada?

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by charan_reddy, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. I am an international student. I have applied for the study permit for Quebec fthe or winter semester, but as I got the online approval late, I postponed my admission to fall semester and I am again applying for Caq and visa. Should I write yes or no to the above question? as I have applied but didn't enter?
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  2. So you had applied earlier for a student visa from your home country which was approved but you did not come to Canada and are applying again as that Visa has expired? If this is true, answer is yes.
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  3. its not expired. i got it online approved from jan 2019, but my new admission is from sep 2019, hence applying for visa again
  4. You do not have to do that. What's the validity of your Visa? Once you arrive here in September 2019, you will be handed a study permit. You can then apply for extension from within Canada if necessary.
  5. below paragraph is mentioned in the caq, so you are saying i will need a new caq but not new study visa? or should i use new caq to apply for visa again?

    Your certificate is still valid for obtaining a study permit in the event that your admission is postponed from the fall session to the following winter session. However, if you postpone your admission from the winter session to a later session or to the following year, you will be required to obtain a new certificate, regardless of the expiry date on your current certificate
  6. New CAQ but not new study Visa.
  7. So, I can use this visa to study in canada and before it ends i need to apply for the extension of study permit right
  8. Visa and study permit are two separate things. Visa is used to seek entry/reentry to Canada so that will get you the acceptance to board an airplane to come to Canada to present yourself at a POE. Once at the POE, you have to explain to CBSA on what has happened since you made your application and provide them with a copy of new CAQ and a revised LOA to issue you a study permit(this is a separate document) for the required duration (this can be shorter/longer/similar in duration with your Visa). If your Visa(the stamp on your passport) expires while you are in Canada, you have the choice to apply for an extension of TRV based on the validity of your student permit. Note: You only have to get this done if you plan on leaving and re-entering Canada.

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