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H1b visa stamping in Canada

Discussion in 'H-1B Holders in the U.S.' started by navnpn, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Hi ,
    I am on H1b visa living in the US and I have changed a job in the recent past .I got my COPR a month ago and in order to get my PR I need to travel to Canada and attend stamping interview .
    a) What is the success rate of stamping in Canada ? (I have 3 more years on my H1 and I don't have i140 )
    b) How long would it take for the stamping process to complete ? I heard about instances where people got stuck in Canada for more than a month or two .Wondering if this is a normal case or exceptional
    c) What all H1b related documents do I need to carry ? Do I need to carry my client letter too ? I am working for a different client than the one the mentioned in my H1b petition and I work remotely from home. Since I don't travel to client site I don't hold client badge .I have read in some of the forums that they generally ask for client badge .Is it the case ?
    d) In my PR application ,I have mentioned Vancouver as my destination location ,but now we are thinking of travelling to Ottawa for the sake of time .Do I have to travel to the same location as I ahev mentioned in the application ?

    Any light on the above would be more than appreciated
  2. For landing you dont need to apply for visa. If you have your I797 with updated/extended I94 then its enough to return back in few days. Do you really want to get the visa stamping done during the landing trip?
    a. Slightly higher than India for sure.
    b. Minimum time is 10 days and then it might take more days depending on the case.
    c. Carry everything - few W2, some payslips, client letter, sow etc whichever you could. No one knows what they will ask.
    I am not sure if working from remote is encouraged/allowed by visa officers.
    d. If its pnp then you should land in the same province.
  3. If you return from Canada within 30 days, then you don't need to apply for US Visa. You can simply use your extended/updated I-94 to return.

    However, if you choose to apply for a Visa at a consulate in Canada. It will be just like applying in your home country. There is not much difference.
  4. Is it even legal for you to work for a different client than the one mentioned in your petition?

    You can work from home as long as the home address is added to your LCA. If not, it may be a problem.
  5. Hi ! How to take biometric appointment?
    Do we need to take it to different place ?

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