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H1B life vs. Moving to Canada - Experience sharing

Discussion in 'H-1B Holders in the U.S.' started by lampbreaker, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Like many on this forum, I am an Indian stuck in the US GC backlog and Canadian PR. The golden question I need to find answer to in the next two-three years is - Should I make the move to Canada, leaving behind US life. Can those who have made this move or pondering over this question share their experiences?
    • What differences did you find in Canada that you find significant?
    • How did your standard of life change?
    • Is uprooting yourself and settling down in a new country easy?
  2. I thought you already moved and commuting.

    Everyone's experience and preference is different. So not sure if that will suit yours.
    Why are you not finding the border city job and try to commute first before you decide to move to Canada completely? This will give ease on transition and give you time to decide if you still fully want to move(meaning, finding Canadian job and staying within Canada).

    1. No difference in terms of living except the benefit of becoming eligible to apply for citizenship.
    2. No difference with the one of the US. I am still commuting hence no impact for me in life style which might have come due to less paying job.
    3. One should avoid moving without the job unless one cant find a job within 3 years of landing. Its not easy to move without job as i tried doing it in Australia and it was horrible and too much stress which i should have tried to avoid. So i did not do that mistake in my move to Canada.
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  3. The only catch I see in border job is job for spouse who is on H4 EAD.. not very sure if they can do regular commute based on experiences in this forum and what could be done once H4 EAD gets revoked. This creates a compelling situation to move to Canada fully.
  4. Thanks for you answers @DEEPCUR @harirajmohan

    My thoughts right now.
    • H4 EAD is a concern for me. My wife cherishes working, she is highly educated and sponsoring H1B is not very common/likely in her field of work. However, many employers in her field will allow her to work from Canada. If she loses H4 EAD, moving to Canada will become a serious consideration.
    • I love my job here and they love me too. So changing jobs just for the sake of moving closer to border is not preferable. I am talking to my employer to allow me to work from Canada but it is difficult.
    • I have interviewed with an employer in Canada for a position similar to my current one. The discussions ended at salary levels because their target ranges were 25% below my current salary (in nominal numbers + exchange rates making it even worse). However, this was my only attempt so far, I may consider a somewhat lower salary if they could offer me a higher position and at least get career progression. the search will continue.
    • We are also concerned as a family to move to a different country, making new social circles from scratch again, adjusting to different city/culture etc. However, coming from the US it will be easier for us than somebody coming from India directly. (at least we hope so)
    • We are in our mid thirties and we have three years to make the move. Any delay will make it more and more difficult just from the stage in life perspective.
  5. More or less similar thoughts for me.. most points are applicable to me. Not that much of 4 as we are not great a making friends any ways. I have only two more years left to keep the PR alive.

    Regarding you salary and job search experience, just to understand what you say.. for instance, if you were making $100k in US, were they offering 75k CAD as salary?
  6. This is the same thing many have. Its difficult to decide, i agree. But we forget to plan for long term and later we realize it at 40s or at H4 child ages out or at when not able to get social security benefits.

    So plan for long term based on the long term priorities/goals rather than current short term sweet situation.
    I worked for a company for long time but never provided anything in terms of growth/benefits. They talk sweet while we work but later they dont even care for the years we lost.
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