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Great Vancouver Area Biometrics Tracking


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Nov 22, 2016
I can imagine the anxiety. I hope they start with Surrey tomorrow and call you immediately. This is unbelievable. There can't be that many applicants on Surrey. I say open up the online booking so we can all book
Exactly, I do not have any hopes that an officer will call me. I might be on a list that they lost. I just want the online booking system to open. :(


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Jul 11, 2020
I asked the lady on the phone to book me for the soonest available appointment at any location and she straight out lied to me. She said, and I quote, "Yes, November 17th will be it, there's no other appointments available elsewhere before then". This was at 1 27pm today and now I can see others getting booked at various other locations earlier than my appointment that were called after.

This whole process has highlighted the sheer incompetence of Service Canada and mismanagement of the process by IRCC. That's the last I'll say of it as I try and remain positive and thankful that at least I have a confirmed appointment now.

Here's hoping you all get your calls soon so you can be put out of your misery!
That's bizarre. I just asked to go wherever the earliest appointments were and it was no issue. Throughout the biometrics side of this process, the information you get totally differs depending on the SC agent or IRCC agent you get, the time of day you call, perhaps placement of the sun/moon, the weather in New Zealand... :p

Considering the way this calling process was put together was with the idea to make it fair, it would have actually made more sense for them to go through the free for all option by booking online afterall. Hopefully a lesson learned that won't need to be repeated again.

I'll keep positive thoughts out there for those still waiting. I was convinced we were missed off the list somehow but it will come!


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Nov 22, 2016
Have you tried calling ircc recently to get an update on biometrics situation? I have tried calling them multiple times but I haven't been able to get through
I did. They just told me to wait. They said as your spouse is in India, this might be that reason of delay in calling you but just wait! So tired of waiting!


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Jun 9, 2014
How did you manage to get a air ticket and get Covid test done in time. Amazing! I was actually planning the same thing before my call...
actually its not too hard to get the test done in 3 days before your flight now. you can go to the drive through testing site and the result is usually available in 1-2 days.


Oct 30, 2019
I'm waiting for a call back from yesterday - just got a scam call from 800-622-6610, it was an automated voice saying they are Canada Service Rep and there's suspicious activity on my account, press 1 to speak to your case officer (which obviously I didn't do and hung up). Not sure if they are targeting people awaiting biometrics call or if it was pure coincidence, either way be careful!


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Jan 21, 2020
gave my biometrics today at new west, it was very quick took only 10 minutes, I did no see anybody else for an appointment while i was there
I am regretting saying that I didn't work in New West during the week and that location would be more convenient for me than DT


Oct 16, 2019
I know this thread for GVA but I will share my case for just in case anybody might be interested.
I live in interior BC near Kelowna. My spouse just got a call from SC and booked her appointment for tomorrow morning at Kelowna passport office. (I am exempted with prior bio)
It seems that Kelowna office just opened for bio and we are the first ones who belong to this region.
AOR April 24 BIL June 16 postal code V1T CEC Inland with dependents

Good luck everyone!