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Great Vancouver Area Biometrics Tracking


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Jun 22, 2020
Visa Office......
AOR Received.
May 16 2020
Waiting in V4N, surrey for my minor dependant. I'm exempt and it's already updated for me since Oct 13. I was happy thinking they exempted for him, only to call IRCC and was told he still has to give his biometrics before my application can be completed. Anyone here with V4N that got call?


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Feb 25, 2020
I missed a call yesterday afternoon at about 5pm from SC. The voicemail message mentioned that they'll call back today some time and they're working overtime to clear the back log, hence the Sunday call. AOR Feb 14 and V7L, North Van.

I'll update when they do call back and I manage to get an appointment.

@ike93 @allenlucifer @nousername2020 any luck for you?
Just got the call now. Booked for this Saturday, Oct 31st at Sinclair. The agent was surprised as well that they are working on weekends to collect it. So indeed many, many of us will get the call really soon.

AOR: Feb 13th
BIL: Feb 25th
Postal code: V7L


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Jun 11, 2020
Just got the call, posting here first to express that I am so relieved - AOR march 26.
postal code v5s, aor march 26, booked for new west location
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