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Got my PRR today but I am outside of Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by YoussefZaky, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Hi there,

    Today, after many months waiting, I got my passport request.

    However, it is mentioned in the E-mail the following:-

    Currently I'm outside Canada and will be back in 37 days, past the deadline the submit my passport.

    Based on what I quoted above, it looks like there is an option to send my application to the visa office here in my current country.

    My questions are the following:-

    1) Should I send my passport along with the 2 personal photos and Annex. A to the visa office right away? Or should I contact the E-mail and wait till I get a response? Because it seems that it might take a while till I get a reply back from them.

    2) Regarding Annex. A, it is mentioned the following:-
    If I don't have a valid Canadian address right now, should I enter my current address here in this country? Or, I should enter any valid address in Canada, that could be a friend's? Also what does it mean that the PR will be mailed to this address? Are they referring here to the PR Card? Not the Visa that will be stamped on the passport?

    3) Regarding the PR Card, will it be sent to the address I have mentioned in the PR application when I applied OR what I will mention in Annex. A?

    4) Some people commented in previous posts saying " Make sure that your medical results are still valid before sending your passport ". The PPR E-mail didn't mention anything regarding medical, is there any chance that after submitting my passport I get medical request again?

    Thank you
  2. The part of the email that you quoted literally says "contact us so we can send you instructions to submit your passport to a more convenient office."

    Whatever you do, don't submit your passport until you have contacted that email.

    Most of your other questions will be answered by the instructions you get when you email that address.
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    The good news is, I just got a second Email from the Canadian Embassy here in my current country. That was pretty quick!

    They asked me to forward my passport to the Visa Office close to me and they did not mention anything about Annex. A

    Just my passport, a copy of the E-mail and 2 photographs.
  4. Since you will be back in 37 days, by the time they change your Visa office and send another PPR email, you will already be back in Canada.
    So, instead what you should ask them is to extend the 30 day deadline so that you can send the passport to Ottawa after you return.
  5. Luckily it was done in less than 24 hours!

    That's what I was worried about, yesterday I got my PPR Email from Ottawa, I sent them an E-mail asking them to change to a vice office, this morning I got an Email from the Embassy asking me to send my passport to the visa office near me!

    Also in the E-mail they mentioned the following

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