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Got admission for diploma program after Bacheolrs. Is this part of sop helps me in getting vis


Oct 26, 2019
Hello Friends,
I completed my Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering in 2016 and working as Associate Software Engineering to date. I got admission form Seneca college for Electronics Engineering Technician diploma Program (no PG Diploma). I am afraid if my visa gets rejected as I choose to do a diploma after my graduation. SO I planned a part of SOP for the above purpose like this:

After completing my Bachelors when I researched my career opportunities, I realized that in order to get a job-related to my education in reputed organizations of India, I must have very good qualifications which are equivalent to an international degree or a degree obtained from a premier institute in India. But, Admission to India’s top ranked institutes are highly competitive given that lakhs of students pass out of high school, every year and seats available for admission are very limited. The race of getting admission becomes more intense because of the caste reservation system in India. This is a major drawback of the Indian education system which is deteriorating the future of general caste students. I feel that study from a developed country would be more beneficial for me as their systems of studies are way ahead of India. Moreover, in Indian institutes education is theory-based due to which students lack technical knowledge and skills. They do not focus on practical knowledge. The schools abroad focus on practical knowledge more and according to me, that is more important as compared to theoretical knowledge as it gives us hands-on experience and detailed practical knowledge. Indian method of assessment is examination based while the Canadian education system assesses students through assignments, course work, seminars, etc. Apart from this, I noticed that an international degree holder is always first preferred over a domestic degree holder in reputed organizations.

The topics I pursued in my Bachelors are outdated and no use for securing the Technical job in core companies which are now using the latest technology. So after doing a lot of research in all colleges regarding the programs, I decided to join into Electronics Engineering Technician program offered by Seneca college even it is a diploma program as it contains very updated syllabus and provides me a lot of hands-on experience and gives a deep understanding in the subject I am interested in. Moreover, this the program includes Co-op which helps me a lot to gain practical knowledge and also which adds much weight on my resume to work in reputed organizations in India when I return back.

Please let me know:

dose this part of SOP helps in explaining VO regarding having the intention to do the diploma after graduation? or

Should modify this

Any suggestions and modifications are highly appreciated

Thanks in Advance