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Giving birth in Canada as tourist

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by BelgradianDama, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. It's clear that all our previous advice has been ignored. It's time for a change in the law...
  2. Healthcare “ tips”, from someone who hasn’t contributed a dime to the system are irrelevant, ridiculous,and as noted above time for a change to the system aka law which is bursting at its seams
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  3. which law are you and @zardoz referring to?
  4. Likely it the lack of a law regarding both tourism.
  5. preventing people from entering or not giving citizenship to those born here?
  6. Dealing with people who come to Canada specifically for birth tourism. Anchor babies, so to speak. Birthright citizenship.
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  7. Winnipeg
  8. Jets
  9. Hockey.....Bristol Aerospace......Lake......

    It’s like word association!
  10. Hello to everyone.

    So, as I wrote in my first post - my husband lives in Canada and this wasn't birth tourism as everyone says here. Even if it was, I don't understand what's the big deal about that since country made the law. Second thing is that I was writing about my personal experience and the point of my post was to give an information about the cost and experience for people who are or are going to be in the same situation as I was. My experience was based not on the cost (I knew we need to pay, so this wasn't a factor at all) or staff being nice (staff was nice in general). It was based on how everything works. I will just mention just few things I compared.

    In Europe you have two options- public health (public health covers everything) and private (its affordable), it's up to you to choose. So its easier and faster if you need to see the doctor. In Canada waiting time is much longer, cos you have just one option.
    In many countries in Europe doctor is the one who is doing ultrasound. You wont go take requisition, go do ultrasound, and go see the doctor to find out results. You'll go see doctor, he will do ultrasound and you will get the results -all in the same day.
    I got charged for something Dynacare made up, they even made up doctors name. I didn't pay it at the end. But in case of PR or citizens country budget gets damaged this way, since physicians, labs are pharmacist are doing this kind of things all the time.
    Even people have appointment they will have to wait to be seen.
    Most of these situations have nothing to do with status btw. It's just like that. Some things were ok for me, some were not and that's it. You can judge my post as much as you want. Better would be if you leave your negative opinion for yourself and make the thread shorter that way, so people who need information get just information, not negative vibes.
  11. I don’t think they were referring to you in terms of the birth tourism. I believe that was towards Rishi who obviously applied for a visitor visa just to have an anchor baby. People here tend to look through the history of posts of other people. I personally do so because I do not want to help someone who does not deserve it.
  12. Ok. In that case I would like to understand what is the difference for people here between immigrant, refugee and someone who came, gave birth and got the papers. To me all these groups are the same. They all came to Canada, the only difference is they used different way
  13. And that why the commentary on laws for birthright citizenship. It’s often used as a means to immigrate later based on the child’s status. As one of the very few countries that offer Birthright citizenship, a lot of Canadians would like to see significant changes. After all, as taxpayer, we are the ones footing the bill for those who don’t contribute.
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  14. What's the possibility on arrival that CBSA can deny people who don't have a valid reason for their visit ?
    Even if holding a TRV ?
  15. Great. Why is that so bad? I mean, I can see you brought your wife from Indonesia here by sponsoring her. So some people get marry and immigrate, some people pay and immigrate, some people give birth and immigrate. They will eventually pay the taxes anyway. Even someone gave birth and went back home, his income will be taxable in case of applying for child benefits. So I don't understand what is actually the problem. Canada is one of the countries with lowest population in the world, that's why you have all those programs for immigration.

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