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GIC certificate

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Krishna Gandhi, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. So I am just waiting for GiC certificate.
  2. Well I never heard such thing from college. And I've seen people getting visa just one week before classes. Maybe ur classes starting date is in August
  3. Yess. They clearly mentioned that before 13th August they want visa status whether it is approved or refused. Because they are not going to give same program in next intake.
  4. Hey still not receive GIC certificate what to do now?
  5. Sometimes it takes more time brother
    Be patient
    I also deposited on 4th of july
    It will take a day or two max
  6. Bro I have to attached this certificate in application n I DNT have that much time for process.
  7. Don’t worry
    You have time
    It’s almost a month
    Or atleast u’ll get 3 weeks after applying
    And visas sometimes takes 10-15 days or even less
    45 days is maximum time period but u’ll see here that it even takes more than 50 days
    So now the only thing u can do is
    Don’t loose hope brother
  8. I also did wire transfer on 4th July.. still waiting
  9. Did Anybody receive any email from Scotiabank regarding gic since 4th july?
  10. No waiting for that only
  11. Did you got it?
  12. No

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