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Getting a Mortgage

Discussion in 'Housing' started by canadiantams, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. Does anyone know how we can make this happen?

    This so far seems to be our biggest hurdle we will face- taking years to get one from a broker we spoke to.. We are moving to BC and have fantastic credit here but feeling discouraged from what we have heard so far.
  2. Find another broker if your existing is not working. You need pass a stress test.
  3. Will all depend on how large your deposit is plus whether you have secured jobs. Yes it may take a while before you qualify for a mortgage. One of the issues that comes up when you move to a new country. There are always mortgages available but assume you want the best terms available.
  4. Hi,

    My honest advise go to the bank directly.
    Even I am in Canada from hardly an year & got the mortgage easily from 1 of the top 5 banks.
    I have been to broker first, he was charging handsome amount for making mortgage deal, that not from national bank, instead from some other financial institute. As well as I have got better rate when I have been directly to bank.
    If you have a job, good credit history and down payment ready, there would not be any hurdle.

    Good Luck

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