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Gerry's Not letting Property Documents in Application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by smartshady, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Hi Guys,
    My Mother has applied for Super visa today through Gerry's Office Islamabad. They have refused to take the Property documents with the applications. How can they show strong ties if there are no property documents. Kindly advise if anyone has any information regarding this new rule. Any help would be appreciated

  2. Find a new agent or apply yourself.
  3. There are quite a few cases like your mom's where VFS Pakistan has refused to accept property ownership documents, business documents, etc. which would demonstrate the applicants' strong ties to Pakistan.

    It is advisable to apply online (i.e. upload a combined PDF of these documents)
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  4. Its not agent..its the visa application center in Islamabad.
  5. So i should ask my mother to go back tomorrow and ask them to return the file as we don't want to apply? as i believe this will get the file rejected and i dont want a rejection of visit visa ! Kindly advise!
  6. I believe that would be best. You can then apply online.

    You may also want to post your concerns on the TRV processing thread for Pakistan applications
  7. @Bryanna i did the same send them PDF plus i attached one paper with my file when i was submitting where property address and valuation was on that paper along with assets details which i am sure helped me regarding VFS they have instructions from Embassy not to accept any property documents which they show me as a official note so it is official for them not to accept it
  8. The logic is kind of skewed. On one hand, the visa office would like an applicant to prove s/he has strong reasons to return to Pakistan. On the other hand, VFS/Gerry's have been told not to accept these documents :rolleyes:

    I recall reading one post that VFS doesn't accept these documents because it adds to the cost of couriering from Pakistan to Abu Dhabi visa office. Not sure if that's really the reason.

    Maybe the best solution: Apply online :)
  9. Hi,

    I actually needed some help with regard to the documents required when submiting your passport to Gerry's after you receive a passport request from the IRCC. My inlaws were asked by IRCC to submit their passports and a copy of their passport request letter to their nearest VAC for visa stamping. Now when they arrived at Gerrys khi, the administration is saying they need another letter which has some barcode which IRCC should have sent them after they sent their passport request letter. We had applied for a super visa for them through lawyers and nor the lawyers nor us have received any other additional letter with any barcode and we are confused to what document gerrys is reffering to. They are not accepting my parents pasport without this document. We are so confused on what to do? The lawyers are saying they dont need any other additional document and are unaware of any requirement. What do we do? Can someone assist me with what documents people have submitted when they have gone to submit their passports to Gerrys for visa stamping? What is this mystery document???? Please help! this is urgent as we have 30 days to complete the process and we are already 10 days in! thanks alot!
  10. they refused to take mine as well but it doesn't matter if they need it they can ask but fortunately i added my tax deceleration and and a assets and funds summary sheet so it had everything stated so they do know i own property if they needed they can ask but they never ask
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  11. well in KHI i went and told them that i got a call from IRCC and they ask me to submit passport no single document were asked and passports were submitted as i got a call not even a email .
  12. Please some one help me Kindly help me how to upload documents , i mean i have scan 20 pages of differrnt supporting documents and merge them then i scan 15 pages of propery and merge them , then i scan 12 page of bank statement and make them 1 file , so now question arise is that i am uploding all these in "prove of financiail support" option but at that place i cant upload 3 file they are asking one file but there are 3 different file , 1st one is 20 pages , 2nd one is 15 pages , 3rd one is 12 pages , how could i upload all these ? If i merge all them together it would br 47 pages pdf file then how visa office could find that from where bank statement is starting ? From where propery documetns start ? Help please stuck

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