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GCMS notes PDF for visitor visa has overlapped text

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ac100, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    I requested GCMS notes for my mother's application, after her visa was rejected.

    I got the notes in a PDF format, however, the note with the reason of rejection is overlapped with another text, probably because the PDF was converted with wrong margins. I can read half of the sentence, but the other half which is on next line, cannot be read.

    I replied to IRCC, and they sent me the same PDF again (probably automated conversion of text to PDF). I cannot convert the PDF back to text, as it is converted in an image format.


    Can anyone please guide me how to contact IRCC to send me the correctly formatted notes. Or is there any way to understand the reason from half of the sentence? It starts with " NO RECORDS FOUND FOR PA...". The second line is overlapped with the page footer.

  2. That is not overlapped text... you got a redacted document meaning they blacked out the parts that have information they can withhold as per operational guidelines....

    No records found for PA would mean no records for Principal Applicant....
    Without a clearer picture of the document that is as far as I can say...
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  3. Hi Thanks,

    I am referring to the cropped text below this line. The next page's margin starts there (check below).


    Can you confirm if this is redacted?

    Also, the notes mention the following, which seems very general. Can you pinpoint the shortfall here?


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